Wednesday, October 25, 2006


First of all I need to write I have been touched these days quite since so many of my friends have rejoiced my graduation. Thanks again. To return this positive energy I wish you lots of luck wherever you need it. I have to arrange a party, right? And since I am writing on being touched and stuff like that... a small event happened to me yesterday. Now I am turning egotistic again, of course.

Into my mp3 player I have put GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, Lift your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven album. I haven't listen to this band for a really long time. When the music has started to play I have realised I am about to cry. It was a sudden moment, it has just overcome me. The music is very atmospherical... no lyrics, just a strong soundscape.

Here I am about to write on more melancholic moods only (yep, again); of course there is this other type of music which drives me totally crazy and can put me into a very nice euphoria. Well, back to gloomy doomy. So far I have reacted pretty emotionally while listening to My Dying Bride, especially in the past months. But in comparison to mostly non-verbal Godspeed, My Dying Bride has strong lyrics. Sometimes the music has a cleansing effect, sometimes a couple of their pieces can bring me down. I do not listen to doom metal neither with the purpose to be brought down nor to provoke self-pity, not at all. When I feel like listening to doom metal, I listen to it. However, there are days when I can respond to lyrics as well as to sounds more strongly.

Since I am a dramaturg, I have noticed something. Like that I would have a professional deformation. Movies just cannot touch me. I am aware of the fiction, I see some other, more professional things while watching a movie. I sorta see beyond. So I happen to laugh on a very odd spots (oh, here I so remember Lars Von Trier's Dogville), but this is a laughter which comments the script, the writer's wit and skills.

The point is I have noticed I am seldom really touched by a movie; nevertheless even that happens. However, when it comes to music, when I encounter strong soundscapes, things seem to be different.


alcessa said...

I see you're a Tindesticks fan, too (= I thought I'd venture a small "ME-too" attempt)...

kaneli said...

Yep, I was listening to Tindersticks quite a lot in 2003. I even had a chance to see them live in Ljubljana. Very good gig that was.

Hm, I actually have not been listening them lately... too bad, perhaps. They feature so special and really gentle melancholy. :) The lyrics is also very good.

Anyway, when listening to their album Waiting for the Moon (2003), I was positively surprised to see what they did out of a play by Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis. Great music piece indeed, since the play is a very different theatre text. 4.48 Psychosis is (in general) about suffering from manic depression, written in a very own style. Hard to put on stage as well.

dada said...

have you ever tasted so called clove (cinnamon) cigarettes ? just a note - I never smoked before, I never even had a single thought about me become a smoker...until I went on a trip to Papua New Guinea and discovered a nice cinnamon smell, which was produced out of the clove and cinnamon. Fantastic taste indeed. So, that makes me a pleasure smoker ;) if you want to know some more, drop me a line via e-mail ;)
have a nice day ... I lke your blog a s well. dd

kaneli said...

Hello - thanks for a comment and info. However, I will never ever start smoking. And not only because I practice Nanbudo.

Cinnamon chocolate, our Slovenian brand Gorenjka, for instance, is something I prefer much better. ;)

kaneli said...

how could this go so very wrong
that I must depend on darkness
would anyone follow me further down
how could this go so very far
that I need someone to say
what is wrong
not with the world but me

(Katatonia - Tonight's Music)