Saturday, October 21, 2006


My BA in Dramaturgy as told in numbers and bare facts (random).

1 day: 20.10.2006
1 grade: 10, I totally do not care for grades, but since it is so high... hehe...
1 new play: Severna pravljica (Northern Tale)
120 pages: 77 of those is a play, the rest is the play's explanation
50 euros: for binding the thesis into a book
dark blue covers: see the photo

silver letters on the cover: see the photo
4 years of actual studies: lectures, exams and practice
2 years of thinking
6 years of studies as a whole: 4 active + 2 passive
2 awards: for playwriting
59%: according to one Finnish source, this is a percentage of people having serious mental problems among writers and playwrights (hehe, I have never forgotten this chart I have been sent a year ago)
nerves, nerves, just too much of nerves: see the overdoing section
life sucks
communication skills: these suck as well
1 trip to London: just don't mention that
1 trip to Iceland: well, that was nice
2 trips to Finland: minun on vaikea kertoa siitä
salmiakki: have eaten some while writing, njam njam

fucked up relationship(s): errr...errr... friendships included...errr...
sleepless nights
walking alone in glittering winter nights: do I need to explain?
sitting on the sandy shore, staring at the sea: do I need to explain?
emptyness: just overall
feeling self-pity: with pleasure
overdoing: always and everywhere
sensitive: I am very and by all means, this is the price I have to pay for being an artist, I guess (or vice versa)
1 new pair of sweet black boots: a gift I have given to myself, I feel really hot in them, hehe
Finnish language: motivation
movies: quite a lot of these, actually
Tenhi: inspiration, lyrics and atmosphere
Magyar Posse: inspiration, atmosphere
Katatonia: inspiration, lyrics
My Dying Bride: inspiration, lyrics and atmosphere
Korpiklaani, Flogging Molly: ocasional more jolly stuff
missed (metal) gigs
Mumonkan Zen Stories: there is neither wrong nor right way
self-confidence: yep, now it is slightly higher
3 Principles: Chikara da, Yuki da, Shinnen da
7 Forces: tai ryoku, tan ryoku, handan ryoku, danko ryoku, sei ryoku, no ryoku, seimei ryoku
Nanbudo: energy, creativity and special happiness by all means


kaarlo-hermanni said...

Outstanding! I so remember when you were still strugling with it. It paid off, it seems. The bitter reality is written in later post, though. What to do with excelently grated papers? Hopefully something more, than with sligthly poor grated. I don't even want to use my BEng.

And my numbers were:
4 years of tough work
2 years of apathy
which is pretty much the same, but then the difference
2/5 as the grade (they just won't give 1:s)

kaneli said...

Väisti, viilti, veisti, voitti! (Korpiklaani)

So the upper quote goes for both of us; especially the ''voitti'' part. As well as moč, pogum, prepričanje, right? ;)

Kiitos kauniista ajatuksestasi. :)

Your grade is not bad indeed. I guess it would be 9 on Slovenian scale. Onnitelen sinullekin!

kaarlo-hermanni said...

Actually 2 is the second but worst, 5 would be best. But who gives a shit anyway.

kaneli said...

Oh? For some reasons I have thought Finnish scale goes from 1 as the highest to 5 as the lowest. I have probably mixed it up with something.

Yep, who gives a shit for grades, I totally agree! The most important for me is the fact I have finally, finally graduated. This is the most important, to finish once started studies, especially after completing all the exams and so on. So, congratulations go for finishing the thesis! ;)

And the grade is not written on the paper that proves me a BA. However, here another story begins... it is good by all means to have this paper, but what can I actually do with it... eh... will I see? Well, hopefully. :)