Monday, October 09, 2006


Last weekend, that nice event happened. Ajda and Meta's party. Thanks again! It was jolly (and Finntrolly); however, for me, it was also a chance to taste somethings. Again.

It is a pure fact that the writer here did not drink - until the very beginning of the year 2006. Why? Beats me. Or let me think... I really can't stand wine; it all starts with the smell. As well as it seems I just don't mind the difference between vine and wine. Wine and me - just no go. Something to do with the fermentation, I guess. But I do like vine as a plant, by the way. Pretty same story is with beer. I am sorry, just no go. Despite the fact I have always been a fan of Ireland and I have also had a chance to see Guinness brewery in all its mighty.

Well, these are biological reasons... I have also been refusing drink since I have seen what can a severe addiction to alco do. Not a jolly thing to write down into a post that wants to be more jolly. But such is reality - and life (it usually sucks, right?).

What is an irony here. My birthday is on 11th November, Saint Martin's Day. I more prefer number 10, but nevertheless... However, in Slovenia this means a day when young wine is (finally) ready to drink. And praised. And drunk in huge amounts. Whole Saint Martin's weekend. Old Slovenian tradition. Young wine and roasted goose. No sauna, unfortunately. So I happen to have birthday on a wine feast... and I just can't stand wine! Since I have become a vegetarian, I can't enjoy the goose either.

Oh, but I can stand things other than wine. And beer. And the goose. At least it seems so. It all started with sweet liquor chocolates. Well, it has started this year and now it goes. Nevertheless I have been a non-alco playwright so far. I have not been drinking even when some severe writers-block occured. Strange indeed.

From my first trip to Finland I brought Salmiakki Koskenkorva vodka. Famous black Kosu. Salmari. Meta's request. Thus, my more serious tasting started. Few sips only - but it was enough. More relaxed, more cynical I became. From my second trip to Finland, I brought salmari again. Now I have those plastic bottles waiting... for my birthday and my thesis-conclusion alltogether. I also remember drinking sweet Estonian liquer Vana Tallin while waiting that train in Vienna. I had this little bottle with me, I felt tired and sad - and so I drank some sips to drown the sorrow down. And it helped. At least a bit. For a few hours.

So now it goes. At Ajda and Meta's party, I discovered Baileys. Chocolate, vanilla, sugar, njam njam... whiskey?! Irish whiskey?! Irish cream. Alright then. Few sips. I have traveled to Ireland, I have seen how whiskey is made, I have even brought real Irish whiskey home - but I did not taste it. Too bad.

I do not plan to become sever drinker, though. No nay never (as the Dubliners sing)! Still I do tolerate alco in reasonable amounts and on weekend parties. Hei, red wine is even considered healthy, lots of good stuff for the body in it - in reasonable amounts. However, alco has been discovered almost at the very beginning of our civilization... it has always been here and it will always be, I guess. With me this ''drinking'' I do and describe here is more like - okay, let's see now what this famous alco-thingie is all about.

One just should not overdo the alco. No nay never. Yes, it can cure the pain sometimes, and one can forget all the shit in life. Yet the pain is back quickly, right? Horrible stuff can happen when alco-addiction rules; I just can't write better or more bitter on alco-addiction here.

Back to the moode now. For an ending, I have chosen a recipe I had been given in Ireland. It is a recipe for pure Irish Coffee as they make it at The Red Fox Inn, Glenbeigh. Been there, not taste the coffee. Perhaps now the time has come I should make it myself and taste it... in reasonable amounts.

Joe's recipe for Irish Coffee is as follows. Take a steamed
glass, pour in a 4/4 gill (standard measure), or 4 table spoons of Irish
Whiskey. Add 2 tea spoons of brown sugar and boiling coffee to within 3/4 inch
of the top of the glass. Stir briskly until sugar is completely dissolved. Add
cream, lightly whipped and pour over the back of a tea spoon so as the cream
will not sink. To enjoy the full flavour of your Irish Coffee, do not stir when
cream is added.

And as they say cheers in Ireland - sláinte!


Anonymous said...

In case you teach English: vine is not wine, maybe you want to consult a dictionary.

kaneli said...

Nope, wine is made out of vine. Right?

Thanks for pointing this out. The mistake has been successfully corrected .

Prekleto, here I show openly my stupidity (in spelling as well as within the posts, I guess) to the rest of the world; would anyone rather appriciate this naive honesty? ;)

''The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.'' (Socrates)

Banshee said...

Strinjam se s tem, da alkohol ne reši osebnih problemov, ampak jih samo poglobi. Za tisti konkreten čas, ki je nacukan, se mogoče že bolje počuti(jaz sicer ne vem), dolgoročno pa sigurno ne. Vino je tudi meni zanič, mogoče bi kdaj kakšen sladek koktajl, pa še to samo enega in počasi, tako da ne bi bila nacukana. :)

kaneli said...

S tem se absolutno strinjam. In zelo me veseli, da imam tudi nekaj kolegic in kolegov, ki ne pijejo alkohola. Ker sem občasno v kakšnih družbah kot abstinentka izpadla prilično ''nenavadno''...

Btw, ''nacukan'' je zelo luštna besedica. :)

kaneli said...

He sees himself as the saviour of the world, his will is strong and he's feeling good.

I've known him since the first taste of beer, I will meet him many times in a year.

Happy little, happy little, happy little boozer...

He thinks he is the most famous guy, he smiles and laughs and he has a loud voice.

He can be very nice, he can be full of anger, he'll behave very well, right after misbehaving.

Korpiklaani - ''Happy Little Boozer''

Aelfsciene said...

Jej, ne morem si ravno steti v cast, da me imenujes kot povod za svoje pitje ;)

Sicer pa zanimivo, meni Baileys ni sel nikamor ... Okus je dober, filing je dober, ampak piti ga pa kar ne morem.

kaneli said...

Hei, čist fajn, saj ni nič slabega, da sem spoznala salmari... sem potem na Fince naredila vtis, ko smo enkrat skupaj pili to zadevo. ;)

Vsak pije s svojo glavo.