Thursday, September 24, 2009


Smells like cinnamon...

There should be no secrets about how much I love ice-cream. In Finland
, I cannot find as tasty frozen delights as in my country of origin. Finnish ice-cream is also tasty, of course, but so far I have missed the softness, the so important smooth creaminess; that so silky touch. Finnish jätski, on the other hand, is usually more firm, like some kind of a snow; or if it is the so called softie, pehmis, it comes in just a few and not that exciting variations. Well, it's good that I know some visit-worth ice-cream places in Slovenia - and I'm always happy to hear about any new interesting spots. Also in Finland. ;)

However, yesterday it was the first day of the autumn, the Autumnal equinox, and by some chance the 23rd of September also represents the day I have started my blog... now three years ago. Still in the blogosphere, despite the fact Kaneli is not as active as she used to be. But nevertheless, blogging rules! Anyway, just two years ago she was posting some amazing pictures of Finnish ruska to celebrate the beginning of autumn; now it's perhaps a good moment to show some snaps of Kaneli's recent much prolonged summer holidays.

My autumn has started with ice-cream. And, the most important - the white one on this picture is cinnamon ice-cream. Pure pleasure. Sweet autumn I wish! :)