Saturday, December 31, 2011


 This is Helsinki as it was yesterday on December the 30th. My dear fellow bloggers, readers and the most dearest lurkers - I wish you a happy new year 2012 with lots of good blogging, comments and reading! Srečno novo leto! Hyvää ja onnellista uutta vuotta! <3

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Monthly update, finally. It is November, well, the last day of it, but in November I have had my birthday. This year my birthday has been declared as a magical date when the couples all over the world have been getting married. Well, I only baked a real birthday cake and invited some friends with their lovely dog. The things with my MA Thesis have also been moving forward - and what is a better birthday gift for a future Master of Arts in Digital Culture than a digital device? ;)

Now I am a proud owner of an iPad. So far, I have really liked it. My new HP laptop has to go to repair, and now I finally have a second device I can use more or less like a computer; at least considering communication and the Internet. And of course I plan to download as many versions of Angry Birds as possible; the touch-screen experience is something totally different than using a mouse. This post as well has been written with the help of the virtual keyboard, at least partly. 

Additional update on Helsinki: we have no snow and today it was +7 degrees Celsius. Last year at this time, it was already a proper winter, but this year it is warm and rainy. In a way, I like it as the past years have been so very snowy and cold. Well, for Christmas and New Year it would be nice to get a bit of snow, but just a bit. Have a nice beginning of the last month of the year - Finland is so very Christmasy already, but well, Santa is supposed to be from here anyway. 

Friday, October 14, 2011


In Helsinki, a new shopping center Kluuvi has opened today; it is located conveniently in the center, on Aleksanderinkatu, just before Helsinki Cathedral. However, yesterday I noticed news in a local newspaper that in Kluuvi would open a new computer store, too. What is more, the particular store would offer a notable discount on a limited amount of Apple's MacBook Air laptops. A Mac has been on my wish list for a long time - and I don't know why I did not buy it when I actually had to buy a new laptop. Nevertheless, a Mac is still on my wish list, and I actually need a second computer. :P

Anyway, I was busy today in the morning and there was no way I would get to the opening of the store with the discount Mac, which would be at 10. I had to pass Kluuvi, though - and already 20 minutes before opening, there was quite a long line infront of the door. And the people there were interested in computers, I just felt that. Some three hours later, I was free and of course I went to do inquieries in Kluuvi. The guy in a shiny computer shop only smiled and said: "Yes, we surely had an offer, but all the computers have been sold in half an hour. People came here to wait at 7 in the morning." There were a couple of 100 of dicount MacBook Airs, and the price was still not that low. Half an hour. What the Hell. 

This is my first discount crazyness I feel slightly involved in, or let's say I am slightly shocked. I know these things have been going on around the world, like sleeping infront of shopping centers etc... but such a madness over a Mac? Only half an hour and over a 100 of computers gone? Did people go to buy them just because they were cheap, in their opinion? The models were neither new nor improved, but, well, they were Macs - whatever that signifies to each individual.

More and more I feel tired of all these discounts. Be there first before others, the early bird catches the worm and so on. It feels like a constant fight, where all other consumers are your enemies. Especially here in Finland I think this discount madness is even stronger. Either if it is 0,99 EUR for Lidl's soy milk or 800 EUR for a MacBook Air - everything under an offer is gone and taken as soon as possible. Well, the soy milk shortage happened to me when I did not even know it was under a daily offer, and I had to get it from another shop.

No, I would not stand infront of Kluuvi at 7 in the morning. Perhaps I would have gone there at 10, if I would have had time, but no more than that. I rather wait and buy my Mac at some point in all serenity and in an empty, cosy shop. Give me a brake, I don't feel like fighting no longer. I just want my soy milk. And a Mac.

Monday, September 19, 2011

MNY 465

I am working a lot to colnclude my studies and I feel quite exhausted... I hate deadlines, really, and I have never been good at them as I always need more time. I hate presure, too, it just makes me more tired. Blah, I feel a bit slow and useless... :(

However, this is not a beauty blog at all, yet I have to post this swatch. :D I have been searching for the photo of this particular nail polish and since I could not find it anywhere online - here is my own (not that perfect) swatch. The nail polish is MNY 465, a beautiful bronze. I am quite into bronze shades lately, and this one was a nice and cheap discovery at the MNY stand in the local Finnish store Sokos. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Here in Finland it's already autumn. Barnacle Geese migrate to the South, I hear them quite often flying (and chatting) over my building, and the leaves are getting more and more yellow. Rain, wind and 15 degrees Celsius. Proper autumn. Now, after four years living in Finland, I finally have a proper equipment for this weather. Hai ruber boots  are such a kult  (and retro) Finnish item as for example Marimekko, Moomins or Iittala. They come in many colors; however, I have chosen red. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011



This summer my friend has successfully infected me with her recent Jackass-fascination. She (and we) talked about Jackass so much that I had to check at least the movies out - and I liked the thing. Of course there is stupidity and nonsense in all these stunts the Jackass team does, yet there is also a lot of irony, wit and smart (toilet) humor. Shit is not just shit in Jackass, that is. And the guys are cute, all of them.

Finland, however, has a Finnish version of Jackass - Duudsonit or The Dudesons. These four guys are also cute, btw. After watching some Jackass I understand Duudsonit much better than before, and now I even enjoy the show. I have seen this part where The Dudesons go to the USA and try to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Two of the guys went to bathe in an icy water; actually, there was a hole in the ice made for them to bathe. Then I started to think... in a way, Finnish culture is slightly Jackass/Duudsonit, especially for a foreigner. Running from the sauna into the snow and jumping around in it totally naked, or even swimming (totally naked) in a hole in the ice... OK, these things are usually done right after sauna, so one feels very warm, and after swimming in a hole of ice there is a hot sauna waiting again... but still, on the other hand this seems like a kind of a stunt. Oh, and also enjoying ammonium chlorid based black candies or salmiakki feels a bit Jackass-like, not to mention drinking vodka with the same flavour and color. These candies are not even sweet... and vodka is even more interesting.

Well, probably every culture seems a bit Jackass-ish to a foreigner, but after finding out that there is a Finnish version of Jackass and then watching Duudsonit how they wash themselves in an icy water, I have had these brief thougts. I still love Finnish culture - and that's why I am teasing it. ;)


Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday, I have seen a dance performance Borrowed Light by Tero Saarinen Company in Finnish National Theatre. It was so amazing... beyond words amazing. More information here.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


 First row, left to right: Vitamin C+ Day Cream SPF 15,  Cleansing Emulsion (for sensitive skin), Cleansing Foam (for normal skin) and those three green thingies at the end are Anti-Cellulite Serum, Body Scrub and Body Lotion from Birch and Honey collection.
Second row, left to right: Face Toner, Comforting Eye Cream, Total Comfort Mask, Sun and Care cream with SPF 30, Wild Rose and Lumene Natural Code lipstics and Mineral Makeup foundation 

Today it was a nice spring day here in Helsinki - yes, the snow had actually melted a month ago and trees are getting green. I decided to go on a short trip to Kauklahti, which is in Espoo and about 40 min train drive from the centre of Helsinki. The final destination of my trip was Lumene's factory shop.

Lumene is a Finnish beauty care manufacturer. Lately, they have improved the formulas of the products as they are trying to avoide, for example, parabens. A lot of their products are supposed to be  of at least 80% natural ingredients. Well, I do read the labels and the ingridients seem  to be good indeed. Lumene also does not test on animals. Finally, as Lumene is a Nordic brand, they clame to use actual Nordic ingreedients (smart marketing move for sure, but they actually use them). The products are not the cheapest around here at all, but with no DM and Müller chains present in Finland, I have decided to use Lumene. It is Finnish, it tends to be more and more natural - and it suits my skin.

Lumene's factory shop offers their regular products whit more or less regular shop prices. There are also some products with "mistakes" on their packages, which are slightly cheaper than the same products in "proper" packages. Anyway, the content is the same, and that is what matters. I also had some 25% discount to use - and so I got this big haul... of course much bigger than I had planned at first.

Actually, I do need most of the products. :D I ran out of them and I would need to buy them anyway -  so why not to buy a bit cheaper? Well, the Birch and Honey series was not on my list; I decided to try it. Of course I spent quite a lot at once and now I feel a bit bad; I guess it was my biggest beauty products purchase so far. However, with the 25% off and other cheaper products, I hope I did actually save some money, especially as I won't need to buy cosmetics for quite some time now.

Lipstick close-up left to right: Wild Rose Natural "Mauve Nude" and Natural Code "Juicy Plum"

Monday, March 28, 2011


In Finland also sundials are set to summer time. 

P.S.: The picture has been published in today's Helsingin Sanomat

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Some three weeks ago my old laptop decided it had been enough and just stopped working. It all started with strange green stripes all over the screen; however, soon after those stripes had appeared, the computer shut down completely. The screen got half white and half black, and even when the thing was connected to another monitor, nothing happened. Serious shit. As my old laptop was one of those no-name brands, perhaps more common in Slovenia but for sure unknown in Finland, the guys at some repair shop were not eager to deal with it. And of course the repair would have cost almost as much as a new laptop... 

There was only one option left - now I have a new laptop. :P After this experience  I also strongly recommend a spare hard disc; the transfer to a new device was far less stressful due to all the documents and even bookmarks stored separately from the old laptop. However, the new laptop came with a new operating system, and thus I was able to fulfill my dream that has started at the beginning of the year - and I did not even need to purchase Android-friendly device. I have downloaded the very famous computer game - Angry Birds.

The thing with Angry Birds is, that the game was developed in Finland. I have already read a couple of articles in Helsingin Sanomat, where the Finns were proud of this success; and yes, they should be. The game is so very simple - and even so very stupid - and that makes it so very funny and so very good. Crazy angry-looking birds killing green pigs, now come on, what a  fantastic nonsense. :D Not to mention the great soundtrack and especially the sound birds and pigs produce all the time. Oh, and there are some more funny and perhaps intercultural details... In the ninth part of the second episode pigs sit on a tank - and the tank has a small Swedish flag on the top. I assume this is a reference to the eternal teasing between the Finns and the Swedes...

The experience of playing the game on a PC is a bit different than when playing it on a cellphone;  the touch screen option surely adds some more interaction. However, a laptop at least has a larger screen, and thus it brings its own benefits. The other thing is that I cannot play the game on the train or when waiting somewhere...well, one perhaps cannot have everything at once and  nevertheless I might need a new cellphone at some point. ;) Anyway, I am not a freak considering computer games, and of course I need my laptop for other and much more serious tasks - but for occasional fun I surely confess that I am a  huge fan of Angry Birds.  

Saturday, January 15, 2011


 January always feels long and a bit dull for me and that also means I don't have much to say. Almost all Christmas/New Year decoration has gone from the city, sales are almost finished, the day is getting slightly longer and we still have snow. 

That's basically it. However, I haven't even wish a very happy and most wonderful new year 2011 to all all my readers and fellow bloggers, so please, here is a late greeting. ;) For the New Year's Eve, I was in Helsinki with some friends that came all the way from Slovenia; we went to a (metal, of course) gig in Nosturi and had fun all the week they were here. On the picture you can also see my New Year's Eve mani, which was China Glaze Ruby Pumps - really great shade and polish, just perfect for such jolly celebrations.

Considering nail polish in general, there are some very nice giveaways I would like to participate at; two to be more precise. First, Parokeets are celebrating their second birthday and thus the girls have prepared a wonderful giveaway, full of desirable nail polish and other stuff. Happy birthday! Parokeets giveaway includes some famous brands from the nail polish world, and most of  the polishes presented are either very expensive here in Finland, or I don't know how to get them. The giveaway ends on January the 31st at midnight so there is still time to enter. Very nice gift indeed. :P

Last but not least is my friend Ulmiel's giveaway. She has started her nail polish blog Did someone say nail polish? quite recently; however, Ulmiel already has 200 and more followers, and her giveaway is celebrating 100 followers. The giveaway again includes brands that I cannot get here in Finland as well as tempting glitter and holographic polishes. The giveaway ends on February the 10th at midnight. It would be so great to win these 16 polishes... :P

These colorful gifts surely promise colorful beginning of the year. You can find the photos with links to both giveaways on the side bar of Cinnamon Book.