Friday, October 14, 2011


In Helsinki, a new shopping center Kluuvi has opened today; it is located conveniently in the center, on Aleksanderinkatu, just before Helsinki Cathedral. However, yesterday I noticed news in a local newspaper that in Kluuvi would open a new computer store, too. What is more, the particular store would offer a notable discount on a limited amount of Apple's MacBook Air laptops. A Mac has been on my wish list for a long time - and I don't know why I did not buy it when I actually had to buy a new laptop. Nevertheless, a Mac is still on my wish list, and I actually need a second computer. :P

Anyway, I was busy today in the morning and there was no way I would get to the opening of the store with the discount Mac, which would be at 10. I had to pass Kluuvi, though - and already 20 minutes before opening, there was quite a long line infront of the door. And the people there were interested in computers, I just felt that. Some three hours later, I was free and of course I went to do inquieries in Kluuvi. The guy in a shiny computer shop only smiled and said: "Yes, we surely had an offer, but all the computers have been sold in half an hour. People came here to wait at 7 in the morning." There were a couple of 100 of dicount MacBook Airs, and the price was still not that low. Half an hour. What the Hell. 

This is my first discount crazyness I feel slightly involved in, or let's say I am slightly shocked. I know these things have been going on around the world, like sleeping infront of shopping centers etc... but such a madness over a Mac? Only half an hour and over a 100 of computers gone? Did people go to buy them just because they were cheap, in their opinion? The models were neither new nor improved, but, well, they were Macs - whatever that signifies to each individual.

More and more I feel tired of all these discounts. Be there first before others, the early bird catches the worm and so on. It feels like a constant fight, where all other consumers are your enemies. Especially here in Finland I think this discount madness is even stronger. Either if it is 0,99 EUR for Lidl's soy milk or 800 EUR for a MacBook Air - everything under an offer is gone and taken as soon as possible. Well, the soy milk shortage happened to me when I did not even know it was under a daily offer, and I had to get it from another shop.

No, I would not stand infront of Kluuvi at 7 in the morning. Perhaps I would have gone there at 10, if I would have had time, but no more than that. I rather wait and buy my Mac at some point in all serenity and in an empty, cosy shop. Give me a brake, I don't feel like fighting no longer. I just want my soy milk. And a Mac.


alcessa said...

Why on Earth would you want a Mac? :-)

What you need is a PC with Linux, no? (just kidding you: I have read a book where Linux is called Finux because a Finn invented it)

Ach, Aleksanderinkatu ... Don't want to sound old and wrinkled, but boy, DO I MISS IT. :-) (we intend to buy Finnish/Estonian food and music to celebrate Xmas. We watched Leningrad Cowboys last weekend. Are we normal or what.)

kaneli said...

Well, Finns do not want Linux, but Mac - isnt't that obvious from the post? ;)

And you are always welcomed to Finland. Btw, I was in Tallinn last Saturday - it was a trip with the Union of Friendship Associations in Finland, so more or less busy, but I did some small shopping, too. Food! :P

alcessa said...

So what if you were in Tallinn? :-))) (what did you eat? :-))

Btw, we have started watching Galactica for the second time ... Again, I spend a lot of my daytime musing about what I saw last night and I still cannot believe how good the series actually is.

kaneli said...

We ate on the ship, actually, but the ship was Finnish... I brought home some cheese, bread etc. And I really like the sweet curd in chocolate they have in Estonia (small bars, similar to Hungarian Turo Rudi), so I brought some of those thingies, too. :)

BSG is cool, yes. However, I have been reading George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books lately. Now I am finishing the second, A Clash of Kings. There is also a TV series by HBO after the first book Game of Thrones, but I haven't finished watching that one yet. Not that bad series either.