Friday, September 24, 2010


Just yesterday, I was given a question similar to "Do you still write your blog, anyway?" Then I went to check my dear Kanelikirja, and the last post was written in April. Huh. 5 months ago or what? I did not miss writing so much, I felt kind of empty - and on the other hand, I was dealing with my "new life" a lot. Tiredness, stress, trying to deal with my endless M.A. thesis - and also some a bit better things. Dogs, shopping and especially travel.

I don't even know if I still have some readers, but well... let's try to bring Cinnamon Book back to the blogosphere. Perhaps, I should do a little make-over, considering the themes and also lay-out, sometimes just write, sometimes just post pictures. Let's see what happens! I think blogging is still a very cool hobby - and I am becoming a fan of, especially, make-up blogs. Jep, here the shallow part of Kaneli is exposed. ;) By the way, blogging is also a great way of therapy, and perhaps I need some therapy again. :P I miss talking, I miss my friends from Slovenia and Jyväskylä, I miss the dog... and I just miss because of missing, hard to explain.

Yesterday was also the first day of autumn, and here in Finland trees have been changing colours already for a month. Almost every day I see wild gees migrating south, in big and small flocks; I have never seen so many migrating birds before, or I just haven't notice them. The autumn reminds me how fast the time goes. I feel comfortable, but all the time I have this little burdon of my thesis, and fear what could happen in the future. And now is autumn again. Time moves too fast by all means.

Alright, let's finnish now this mindstream, before any doubt appears and I won't even press the Publish Post button, thus leaving Cinnamon Book forgotten. I guess Kaneli can still share her stories in the future, and she will try to do her best - now let's just hope there will still be those who listen... and who have listened to Kaneli's stories all this time. Is it four years already...? Must be.

Nice autumn I wish! :)