Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Monthly update, finally. It is November, well, the last day of it, but in November I have had my birthday. This year my birthday has been declared as a magical date when the couples all over the world have been getting married. Well, I only baked a real birthday cake and invited some friends with their lovely dog. The things with my MA Thesis have also been moving forward - and what is a better birthday gift for a future Master of Arts in Digital Culture than a digital device? ;)

Now I am a proud owner of an iPad. So far, I have really liked it. My new HP laptop has to go to repair, and now I finally have a second device I can use more or less like a computer; at least considering communication and the Internet. And of course I plan to download as many versions of Angry Birds as possible; the touch-screen experience is something totally different than using a mouse. This post as well has been written with the help of the virtual keyboard, at least partly. 

Additional update on Helsinki: we have no snow and today it was +7 degrees Celsius. Last year at this time, it was already a proper winter, but this year it is warm and rainy. In a way, I like it as the past years have been so very snowy and cold. Well, for Christmas and New Year it would be nice to get a bit of snow, but just a bit. Have a nice beginning of the last month of the year - Finland is so very Christmasy already, but well, Santa is supposed to be from here anyway.