Monday, September 19, 2011

MNY 465

I am working a lot to colnclude my studies and I feel quite exhausted... I hate deadlines, really, and I have never been good at them as I always need more time. I hate presure, too, it just makes me more tired. Blah, I feel a bit slow and useless... :(

However, this is not a beauty blog at all, yet I have to post this swatch. :D I have been searching for the photo of this particular nail polish and since I could not find it anywhere online - here is my own (not that perfect) swatch. The nail polish is MNY 465, a beautiful bronze. I am quite into bronze shades lately, and this one was a nice and cheap discovery at the MNY stand in the local Finnish store Sokos. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Here in Finland it's already autumn. Barnacle Geese migrate to the South, I hear them quite often flying (and chatting) over my building, and the leaves are getting more and more yellow. Rain, wind and 15 degrees Celsius. Proper autumn. Now, after four years living in Finland, I finally have a proper equipment for this weather. Hai ruber boots  are such a kult  (and retro) Finnish item as for example Marimekko, Moomins or Iittala. They come in many colors; however, I have chosen red.