Saturday, May 07, 2011


 First row, left to right: Vitamin C+ Day Cream SPF 15,  Cleansing Emulsion (for sensitive skin), Cleansing Foam (for normal skin) and those three green thingies at the end are Anti-Cellulite Serum, Body Scrub and Body Lotion from Birch and Honey collection.
Second row, left to right: Face Toner, Comforting Eye Cream, Total Comfort Mask, Sun and Care cream with SPF 30, Wild Rose and Lumene Natural Code lipstics and Mineral Makeup foundation 

Today it was a nice spring day here in Helsinki - yes, the snow had actually melted a month ago and trees are getting green. I decided to go on a short trip to Kauklahti, which is in Espoo and about 40 min train drive from the centre of Helsinki. The final destination of my trip was Lumene's factory shop.

Lumene is a Finnish beauty care manufacturer. Lately, they have improved the formulas of the products as they are trying to avoide, for example, parabens. A lot of their products are supposed to be  of at least 80% natural ingredients. Well, I do read the labels and the ingridients seem  to be good indeed. Lumene also does not test on animals. Finally, as Lumene is a Nordic brand, they clame to use actual Nordic ingreedients (smart marketing move for sure, but they actually use them). The products are not the cheapest around here at all, but with no DM and Müller chains present in Finland, I have decided to use Lumene. It is Finnish, it tends to be more and more natural - and it suits my skin.

Lumene's factory shop offers their regular products whit more or less regular shop prices. There are also some products with "mistakes" on their packages, which are slightly cheaper than the same products in "proper" packages. Anyway, the content is the same, and that is what matters. I also had some 25% discount to use - and so I got this big haul... of course much bigger than I had planned at first.

Actually, I do need most of the products. :D I ran out of them and I would need to buy them anyway -  so why not to buy a bit cheaper? Well, the Birch and Honey series was not on my list; I decided to try it. Of course I spent quite a lot at once and now I feel a bit bad; I guess it was my biggest beauty products purchase so far. However, with the 25% off and other cheaper products, I hope I did actually save some money, especially as I won't need to buy cosmetics for quite some time now.

Lipstick close-up left to right: Wild Rose Natural "Mauve Nude" and Natural Code "Juicy Plum"

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