Sunday, August 28, 2011



This summer my friend has successfully infected me with her recent Jackass-fascination. She (and we) talked about Jackass so much that I had to check at least the movies out - and I liked the thing. Of course there is stupidity and nonsense in all these stunts the Jackass team does, yet there is also a lot of irony, wit and smart (toilet) humor. Shit is not just shit in Jackass, that is. And the guys are cute, all of them.

Finland, however, has a Finnish version of Jackass - Duudsonit or The Dudesons. These four guys are also cute, btw. After watching some Jackass I understand Duudsonit much better than before, and now I even enjoy the show. I have seen this part where The Dudesons go to the USA and try to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Two of the guys went to bathe in an icy water; actually, there was a hole in the ice made for them to bathe. Then I started to think... in a way, Finnish culture is slightly Jackass/Duudsonit, especially for a foreigner. Running from the sauna into the snow and jumping around in it totally naked, or even swimming (totally naked) in a hole in the ice... OK, these things are usually done right after sauna, so one feels very warm, and after swimming in a hole of ice there is a hot sauna waiting again... but still, on the other hand this seems like a kind of a stunt. Oh, and also enjoying ammonium chlorid based black candies or salmiakki feels a bit Jackass-like, not to mention drinking vodka with the same flavour and color. These candies are not even sweet... and vodka is even more interesting.

Well, probably every culture seems a bit Jackass-ish to a foreigner, but after finding out that there is a Finnish version of Jackass and then watching Duudsonit how they wash themselves in an icy water, I have had these brief thougts. I still love Finnish culture - and that's why I am teasing it. ;)



Ulmiel said...

Jaz sem pa na Wildboyzih and loving it. She's really good. ;)

kaneli said...

She? Kdo je pa to? :D Wildboyz sta zakon, ja - pogledala sem ze celo prvo sezono. Dingoti, crni medved in polarna lisica... <3

kaneli said...

Aja, verjetno s she mislis "our friend". :D

Riki said...

Pejdi enkrat f Lotmerk, boš tam videla pravi jackass. :<<<

kaneli said...

Haha, Riki. :D Verjamem. ;)