Saturday, January 15, 2011


 January always feels long and a bit dull for me and that also means I don't have much to say. Almost all Christmas/New Year decoration has gone from the city, sales are almost finished, the day is getting slightly longer and we still have snow. 

That's basically it. However, I haven't even wish a very happy and most wonderful new year 2011 to all all my readers and fellow bloggers, so please, here is a late greeting. ;) For the New Year's Eve, I was in Helsinki with some friends that came all the way from Slovenia; we went to a (metal, of course) gig in Nosturi and had fun all the week they were here. On the picture you can also see my New Year's Eve mani, which was China Glaze Ruby Pumps - really great shade and polish, just perfect for such jolly celebrations.

Considering nail polish in general, there are some very nice giveaways I would like to participate at; two to be more precise. First, Parokeets are celebrating their second birthday and thus the girls have prepared a wonderful giveaway, full of desirable nail polish and other stuff. Happy birthday! Parokeets giveaway includes some famous brands from the nail polish world, and most of  the polishes presented are either very expensive here in Finland, or I don't know how to get them. The giveaway ends on January the 31st at midnight so there is still time to enter. Very nice gift indeed. :P

Last but not least is my friend Ulmiel's giveaway. She has started her nail polish blog Did someone say nail polish? quite recently; however, Ulmiel already has 200 and more followers, and her giveaway is celebrating 100 followers. The giveaway again includes brands that I cannot get here in Finland as well as tempting glitter and holographic polishes. The giveaway ends on February the 10th at midnight. It would be so great to win these 16 polishes... :P

These colorful gifts surely promise colorful beginning of the year. You can find the photos with links to both giveaways on the side bar of Cinnamon Book.


alcessa said...

Yesterday .... we sort of decided we wanted to spend our summer holiday in Finland this year. Yeah. :-)

Our plan is to take a ferry to Helsinki (from Germany) and after having seen the capital, to go kayaking in the Saimaa-area. I'm so excited and impatient I cannot think of anything else today.

So ... any good bakers with lovely things to eat in Helsinki? (I promised my hubby I'd ask you)

Nina said...

A letos gremo kar vsi v Helsinke? :D Tudi jaz bom menda tam kakšen teden, ampak sem pozabila, kdaj točno :) No, vsaj na kakšno kavo te peljem, če boš imela čas :)

kaneli said...

Yey, vsi na Finsko! :P

Nina, vsekakor se moramo dobit, preveri in sporoči datume. ;)

Alcessa, če se bosta z možem res sprehajala po Helsinkih, se lahko srečamo tudi mi in pokažem, kaj naj bi bil "viineri" in kje se nahaja. ;)

Nina said...

Hihi, ta trenutek me še najbolj skrbi, če bodo finance dejansko omogočale potovanje za dve osebi ;) Sicer gre gor samo dragi :)

Bo pa to prvi teden avgusta. Itak se ti bom prej še javila in ti zatežila za kakšen nasvet ;)