Monday, October 23, 2006


This is it. Today I have been given my papers. Not the exact papers; just a temporary thingie that proves me to be a graduated dramaturg. I will receive the very fancy printed diploma within a ceremony on the 3rd of December. Oh.

Bloody Hell, Jumalauta, prekleto, I don't really know what to do! Where to turn, where to ask for a decent job. I would just need a nice job until next summer. Something to get over these long months. Errr... let me dream for a short while... In an ideal world, I would get a coasy office somewhere. On an embassy, for instance. A coasy office where I could deal with artistic/cultural affairs considering our little country. How about Slovenian embassy in Finland, Helsinki, eh? Just to sorta put together linguistic interests with my true profession. And yes, some dramatrugs do end up in offices.

Stop dreaming now, dear (oh my, I dream about an office!). Well, I have some really serious plans with my future, I surely do. I am aware of my talents well enough - and I won't reveal those plans right now. There is just this practicular amount of time infront of me... However, for these months... dear god, I am so affraid of these months now. For that tourist guide thingie I should do a heavy (and expencive) exam, and if I would pass it (since many people has to repeat it and pay again for it, that is the whole point), there will be no work for my (humble) Finnish skills until April 2007. So it seems.

Some time ago I have heard this radio broadcast. It has spoken about my dear Iceland. Like a presentation of the country it was. There was also a talk about foreigners living as well as working in Iceland successfully. I clearly remember the story of two Latvian girls, let's call them Ilona and Alise. Both graduated in economics, beware. And why have young Ilona and Alise actually come to Iceland? To clean toilets in one hotel in Reykjavik! Yep, cleaners with BA in Economics. I really respect any honest job in this world, I do not have problems with that. The money is what I talk about here, of course. Anyway, I do not recall the exact euro-number of their salary... nevertheless those girls earn much more for cleaning toilets in Iceland as they would at their Latvian home in case of dealing with the stuff they have studied for. With their BA. As Ilona and Alise have said, they had been coping very okay there in Reykjavik. Yep, the number of their salary was nice and high indeed, for Slovenian conditions as well. I guess for other European conditions too.

Cleaning toilets in Iceland... in Reykjavik... so how about that, eh?
Ég er villtur. -> I am lost.
Ég er að leita að almenningssalerni. -> I am looking for public toilet.
Snyrting -> toilets


alcessa said...

*whisper*: how about becoming a freelance translator? EU and stuff?

Aelfsciene said...

Se enkrat vse cestitke ... Pa tudi drugacne sluzbe se najdejo na Islandiji ;)

kaneli said...

Hei Alcessa! Thank you for an interesting whisper. Hm... freelancer I will have to become, no doubt, but as a dramaturg. So I think I will applay for the freelancer status at our Ministry of Culture very soon. There is no other option for me at the moment...

To become a freelance translator in Finnish, I think I need some more time to study this dear language. :) And I keep learning it these days. However, I would be very intrested in such job!

By the way... moose is a great animal indeed. I so like those road signs in Finland, when one has to beware a moose... hirvi in Finnish. Varokaa hirviä! (beware a moose);)

kaneli said...

Ärväthyyll, ystäväni, kiitos taas. ;)

Hja, morda bi se pa res našlo še kaj drugega... le kaj, to je veliko vprašanje. Nasploh. :)

alcessa said...

Hei Kaneli, hvala: prijatelj s Hrvaške pravi, da obstaja izraz "irvan" za losa - sedaj vem, od kod ta izraz prihaja. Kar pa se prevajanja tiče, samo še ena pripombica. Nemški DIN standard 2345 pravi (=svetuje), da prevajalci naj prevajamo samo v svoj materni jezik. Torej: mogoče pa je tvoja finščina vseeno dovolj dobra?

Smem kopirati tvoj finski stavek, da naj se pazim losa?

kaneli said...

Seveda! :) To je sicer množinska oblika velelnika, torej varokaa pomeni ''pazite se.'' V učbeniku smo imeli ''varokaa koiraa,'' pazite se psa. ;)

Hja, saj prevajanje iz finščine v slovenščino bi morda res šlo... iz slovenščine v finščino je res bolj zapleteno. Tu in tam se sicer spravim kaj prevest v finščino za vajo... no, vsekakor sem že ugotovila, da je obratno lažje.