Friday, October 27, 2006


A newspaper article draw my attention today. There seems to be new elite neighbourhood developing in Ljubljana. An area of nice houses owned by foreign embassies for the ambassadors to live in. Reading the article I have realised our street as well belongs to this elite area.

Our practicular street has always been a humble street. Simple houses, nothing fancy. Outskirts close to the city park, even closer to the forest. We even used to have foxes and deers visiting, years ago. Anyway, it seems we will be surrounded with several residencies pretty soon. I have been observing this elite area growth long before the newspaper got it. First, I guess, huge as well as very guarded American residency appeared. Few meters away, Finland has bought more simple villa. Well, I like the fact I can see Finnish flag in the wind whenever I head for the city. Italians have also decided to move into this area, also Czechs, and now British and Portuguese.

Since it was very sunny and very hot weather (too hot for this time of the year), I went for a walk to pay some special attention to our surroundings. True. There are even more houses rebuilding, growing, changing. Such an elite part of the capital this area is about to become.

However, I think the street I live on will stay humble. Like a simple country girl among fancy ladies. For a long time, the residents here have been facing not so easy life, actually. Nothing elite-like. First bus stop is really miles away. Pretty long walk, especially during icy winters. Quite a huge disadvantage by all means; there are old people living here too. And I guess nothing, totally nothing will convince the city community to finally plan a new bus route (or, better, to rearrange those old ones) with a bus stop somewhere closer. Regardless the new elite diplomatic area here. It seems diplomats are supposed to use cars only.


Anonymous said...

ja I guess that you can`t rid of the italians

kaneli said...


Claro, Italians just everywhere. Mamma mia! ;)