Saturday, September 22, 2007


Tampere - Tammerkoski

Today, I went to Tampere. It takes a one and a half hour trip to get there. As I love trains and I can use the student discount, I traveled with the railway. The train I took in the morning continued the road to Turku. I have some memories of Turku, so it was a slight... well, I can say a slight sting in the heart. The train I took back to Jyväskylä also came all the way from Turku. Khm. But, however, my destination was Tampere. The city is a bit bigger, there is more people, more rushy feeling in the air. Also, it gives an impression of an industrial place; Tampere is actually referred as The Manchester of Finland. I walked around the city, checked out some shops, went for a coffee. Nice Saturday trip.

P.S.: The everchanging light in Finland shaped the Tampere-photos in its everchanging way.


Tammerkoski - other side

Tampereen Teatteri

City Hall

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