Monday, September 03, 2007


There is a song I have been given some time ago. In the song, a Finnish guy Arto writes from south-somewhere; like that he moved to that particular south and he would stay there for some time. The song-letter concludes with the lines Rakkain terveisin, Arto. With love, Arto. This song I have recalled last week. Yet my story is reverse. Unlike the guy Arto, I have moved up north. I am in Finland.

Where shall I start? There is much to tell, my dear people... but I am a bit tired at the moment. So many words there was, so many tiny stories... but now it is hard to find them. Thus, I plan to write more in the days to come. Also, I plan to add some photos. I did not have proper time to take any during the past days. However, last Monday, I left Ljubljana, direct flight from Letališče Jožeta Pučnika, the former Ljubljana Brnik Airport. The plane took me all the way to Helsinki. It was an evening flight. And as I left Finland at the break of the dawn last last year, now I reached the land when the day ended. As I did not sleep my last night in Finland a year ago, I did not sleep my new first Finnish night either. It felt as I would make one big circle. Last year, this year. Same time, same month. Morning, night. And no sleep in between.

This time, there was another reason for my insomnia. I needed to wait for the night bus from Helsinki-Vantaa. The bus that took me to the place where I am now. I traveled to Jyväskylä.

So, now I am in
Jyväskylä. The centre of Keski-Suomi, Mid-Finland. In my own room, in a student apartment. For the first time in my life I actually live in a student apartment. And yep, the main reason for my relocation are MA studies. I have applied to MA Programme in Digital Culture at Jyväskylän Yliopisto, University of Jyväskylä. This project of mine has been going on since January, and there were times when I was totally unsure if I would be going or not. However, when the scholarship was approved to me, my final decision was a bit easier.

Now I am in Finland. I have been getting questions from the Finns, like - why have you chosen Finland? Well, I do not actually know... or better, my heart knows the best. The MA programme attracts me, one reason, there is no tuition fee for the MA, second reason, and I would like to develop my language skills, the reason number three. Okay, some time ago, I was also in contact with somebody from Finland. That communication has turned into a pretty crucial point of my life, so it seems. Will we ever meet again? I cannot tell. Life, various stories, and so on. I miss some past, yet the future awaits.

Still, I cannot totally get this move to the future. Today, my club in Slovenia has had a first Nanbudo training after summer, I have felt a sting in my heart in the midst of these woods here...

Alright. It is getting late; according to that, I am getting sleepy. Tomorrow starts the Orientation Week for all new students. So much for now in my first letter from north... my friends and fellow bloggers, stay fine.


Anonymous said...

Goodddd luckk!!!!!

kaneli said...

Kiitos. ;) The same to you. :) I hope Japan was a nice experience.

Aelfsciene said...

Jaz cem videt cimvec slikc. Pa finske tipe slikej ;)

kaneli said...

Danes sem fotkala eno veverico, mimogrede, mi je prav luštno pozirala na smreki. Po moje je bil veverček. ;)

alcessa said...

Super. Krasno! :-)