Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yesterday I went to one metal gig. Apart for the music the local band Soulfallen was playing, I also got an old issue of Finnish raskaan rockin erikoislehti Inferno. Thus meaning pretty fancy magazine, entirely deducated to hard rock and metal. Have I ever expressed my brief observation that metal in Finland seems to be main-stream culture?

However, the magazine Inferno looked nice and I was happy to read some stu
ff. I came upon a whole section on summer festivals, Raskas festarikesä 2007 (Heavy Festivalsummer 2007). A series of reports from Finnish festivals. Provinssirock, Nummirock, Tuska Open Air, Ruisrock, Ilosaarirock, Ankkarock, Metalcamp. What the f***?! Metalcamp. Yes indeed. Among all those major Finnish festivals, there was a report on one and only Slovenian Metalcamp. No Wacken, no Ballingen - just Finnish festarit, and that Slovenian Headbanger's Hollidays.

The article itself is basically a report about the festival. The two female writers mention great scenery of the festival; mountains and turquoise river. They also say the selection of the bands was this year absolutely excellent. There are words about reasonable prices, especially for the coctails; yep, 3,5 for a coctail seems to be a reasonable price considering the costs for alco in Finland. And there are words about good toilets, hehe. The rest is more or less about the bands and their performance.

Thus far, I have been slightly surprised when some people I have met here replied they knew Slovenia (and that they were pretty much sure it was not Slovakia) - or that they had even been in Ljubljana. However, it seems metal festivals (as well as reasonable prices of drinks and nice toliets) can also promote our little country... Metal on!


Banshee said...

Haha, zanimivo! A Metalmanie pa niso nič omenili?!? :D (ne, saj ne)

kaneli said...

Lahko naredim gor reklamo, da je Mania eksluzivno super lokalni metal fest... ;) Vsaj cene piva na MOM bi se Fincem zagotovo zdele odlične.

Sicer avtorici tudi pišeta, da je bila množica na MC v veliki meri pijana, vendar obenem mirna . :D

Nárëlaimë said...

LOL Zakon! :D Ja, sej se mi zdi opis Metal Campa s strani nekega forumaša na nekem forumu (mislim, da uradnem MC forumu) kar pravilen: hipijevski festival z boljšo glasbo. ;)

kaneli said...

Morda na MC vpliva dejstvo, da se na istem prostoru dogaja regi-fest. ;)

Zanimivo pa je, da Finki nikjer ne pišeta o ringlšpilu! XD

Anonymous said...

Metal is not only mainstream, it's also rather trendy at the moment. But I guess you've probably noticed that already :P

kaneli said...

Hei Anonymous


Kiitos kommentistasi. :) Tunnenko mä sut? Nyt olen tosi utelias tietämään, kuka oikeastaan olet. :P

My first visit to Finland happened in January 2006 and I guess I noticed much grater amount of metal fans already at that time. So, in general I could say there is more metal fans on the Finnish streets, then, for instance, in Slovenia. And yes, it also feels a bit trendy... at least there is lots of those ''under K18'' fans.

Anonymous said...

I guess your first visit was around the time it started getting more fashionable. And after Lordi won the eurovision it, of course, conquered the rest of the country too.

And nah, you don't know me. I'm a friend of meta who decided to spy a little of how your Jyväskylä "trip" is going ;) It's actually quite a coincidence I even noticed you had replied :P

kaneli said...

No niin mä luulin. Hauska tavata.

It was a coincidence that I had noticed these new comments, too - usually, I do not get comments for older post. However, welcome to ''spy'' here; that is the purpose of the internet and blogs. ;)

Well, this Jyväskylä ''trip'' of mine is supposed to take at least two years... :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so I had understood and that is exactly why I used "trip" instead of trip ;)

Thank you for the invitation for spying (one doesn't often get those), perhaps I shall spy some more then :) I didn't really expect you read the older comments either, which is partly why it was quite the coincidence I noticed you had replied. Ja joo, hauska tavata ;)