Saturday, September 29, 2007


Some poetic moments again. Yet there is an important fact about this particular poem. Despite it is all about the T-shirt, I wrote the lines into my mobile phone. I do not know how exactly writing poems into a mobile affects the poetry itself, but nevertheless...

So many times I wear this T-shirt
Which I had when I hugged you for the last time
I do not care your body touched it
Your hands caressed its cotton surface
Band T-shirt it is
I wear it when I go to gigs alone
I do not care we hugged for the last time
When I was in this T-shirt
I did not put it away
I really like this T-shirt
There are traces of you still on it
I do not give a fuck
But wait a minute, o shit, perhaps I do
Too much


kaneli said...

The T-shirt on the photo is NOT the T-shirt the poem is about!

Aelfsciene said...

Se mi je zdelo cudno, ja :D Sem ze mislila, da nam kaj prikrivas ;) Sicer pa cimvec nosenj metalskih majck tam gori, pa cimvec objemov (in se cesa vec) ;)

kaneli said...