Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Last weekend I had two good days. There was this International Christmas Seminar with Doshu Nanbu in Zagreb, Croatia. Seminar for the martial art I practice. NANBUDO seminar. Some Nanbudoists from our club drove to Zagreb with our sensei (he is also an excellent driver). First, some brief info for all of those who are not familiar with these kind of seminars. When an international Nanbudo seminar is going on in some country, Nanbudoists from all over the world gather there to practice techniques under the guidance of the founder Yoshinao Nanbu Doshu. Brief sightseeing, meeting people and most important: intensive practice. Learning directly from our main source.

Change is the only constant in the world. Doshu continues the development of his art, he changes and develops the techniques; thus seminars are very good opportunities to learn about those changes. For me, it is really interesting to observe this flow. Seminars differ in length too; there are weekend seminars as well as those which can last even for two weeks. Like the most important Nanbudo seminar in Playa d'Aro, Spain. Just imagine (just remember)... trainings on the sandy shore... twice a day...under the sun...

My first Zagreb seminar happened last year. And I have very good memories from it. Kind of special ones; I need to be more honest here. When I entered the seminar-dojo this year, I noticed how places one visits only every now and then can keep memories. The spirit of the past as it would stay in Zagreb seminar-dojo. As nothing would change from last year. Same feeling in the place. As some sweet shadows. As beloved ghost. Then, the training started... and those shadows vanished in the air.

This time intensive training helped me a lot to free my mind. For those two days at least. And this was the purpose: go, practice, sweat, do not think about the rest. Like the shit in life and all that. Huh, last year I was there in Zagreb with white belt, now I wear green. There is also something I started to think about. Okay, true, Nanbudo has changed my life. Severely in many ways. Yet... my spiritual development... khm, I really wish I would be more mature. As my belt has changed rapidly, my spirit should... or at least I wish it would change more than it has so far. I was also thinking a lot about my impatience. Sometimes during trainings I just want to rush too much. Why, I do not even know. I should gain more patience. I should be more precise.

Nevertheless these four seminar trainings with Doshu have given me some push. Like more energy and will I have been lacking these days, at least considering the practice. Heh, my life still sucks, but in DOJO I must try to keep my mind free as much as possible. I have to move myself... by all means.

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