Saturday, December 23, 2006


I adore foxes. Smart cinnamon-coloured little arses of the forest. I so remember this legendary puppet tv-show, very Slovenian one, folk tales and all that; now it's probably over twenty years since I have been watching it with joy. Do you recall Zverinice iz Rezije (Beasties from Rezija)? They so rule! There I met really great fox. Very special one.

Hei, by the way, how about putting such very cute and also very dead forest thingie around the neck? Oh, it must be proper warm treat for cold winter. Kind of pet-scarf that stares into the the world with glassy eyes...

Back to toy-foxes. Last summer in Helsinki, I think when I was on night walk to Korjaamo, I spotted one toy-fox. It was very soft and cute. While I was looking for some presents, I walked again all the long way to the shop just on behalf of this fox. Since the shop was so far outside fancy city centre, those prizes were lower; yet I found out practicular fox might be too expensive. At least in that moment. Of course I was sorry later. Small Helsinki fox would fit so nicely into every place I would put it. Meaning is beyond money, in some cases.

Now I finally got my very own fox. Like this one here. Oh, true, I also needed new key-ring; an excuse for those 6.82 € I have spent. Nothing to do with feasts and celebrations; it was lucky coincidence of finding the one. My treat to my selfish self. Now I just have to come up with suitable name for it, right?


alcessa said...

...One summer in Stockholm ... I spotted a toy-moose. It was very soft and cute.

A name for your fox? Foxeli? :-)

kaneli said...

Yes, then I went and bought a moose in Helsinki. Little one in white jumper with Finnish flag on it. It was slightly cheaper than that fox, oh. :)

I will think about the name...

Hei, and marry Christmas!