Sunday, December 10, 2006


It snows. It always snows. The winters are long in our parts... (From theatre play Reykjavik)

The weather here has been just awful. It was like 15 degrees Celsius during last week; in the evenings, to make it even worse. Whole Saturday, pouring rain. Water everywhere. Hei, it also seems people are becoming neurotic because of the weather. This is not natural. It should be winter already. Will we soon celebrate an Australian-like Christmas, everything green and warm, those commercial red-dressed-white-bearded-gifts-bringing guys sweating under the sun? While walking I have spotted some spring flowers; yellow primroses. Women on Ljubljana's main market are selling bouquets of white hellebore; another spring flower.

Within some other conditions, today it would be snowing. All day long. Soft white silence in the air. I miss snow. Slow and lazy, but still so persistent falling. It can fill me with melancholy; I wonder how would I feel this year when seeing snow again. Okay, the prognosis now promises colder and more wintry-like weather for the week we are about to start... Huh, by the way, I totally dislike rain falling on snow during winter. That cold rain melting with snow on the ground, as changing everything into itching ice that bites deeply into one's heart... brrr. Soft silent snow whispers different stories.

Too many strange winters has already happened. As one of my friends said last time, this remarkable absence of the snow has started in the eighties. I so remember those first non-snowy winters. Later, constant worries if it will snow or not. Last year snow was early and the winter lasted really great while, true. Proper winter it was. But this year again the weather is turning strange. Yet what now seems odd could become totally natural and acceptable within some years...


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kaneli said...

So today first snow was seen in Ljubljana. Falling together with the rain. For some time, and then it stopped...

Now it is just wet and cold. And bleak. Oh.