Sunday, September 24, 2006


No matter how soft I feel myself - I always hit the ground as a cube of ice.

Would I write such plays if the world would be better as it is in the plays?
I guess I would write different plays. What the fuck, the world is as my plays are mirroring it.
Hei, why do I stil wonder?
Trying hard
I don't know. I guess, in this world as it it, it does not count if one is trying hard, doing her/his best.
Trying hard counts as nothing.
Those who win seem not so trying-hard.
Or am I still not trying hard enough? Or am I trying hard in a wrong way...
Se on minulle herttaisen yhdentekevää!

Being right
Maybe I sometimes happen to know/feel the truth.
Tiedän olevani oikeassa!

Yes, I have friends. Very good, great friends. Yes, I do go out. Still - I feel so fucking lonely these days. Different kind of lonelyness this is, no doubt.

Fed up
With everything. Not feel like explaining this into details.

Big Fazer with mint crisps.
Maailman paras suklaa.

Animal Planet
I have not been able to sleep very well last days. This is what I watch late at night. Yesterday, there was some stuff about polar bears. And there is some very stupid American show, the Planet's Funniest Animals. Those pets are just nevrotic! And then, there was this guy with tamed moose. The moose was walking peacefully around the house; it actually went to sleep on the bed.

I am
I am what I am. This is what I am.
I walk some way, though.
This is my egotrip.
And there is some moose shit on the photo.

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