Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Evening. Time after sauna. Quiet time. I feel as one is supposed to feel after a good sauna. Well, I have also not written anything for some days. May this post be just a brief and more or less random collection of past personal events.

The studies I am attending have turned a bit more demanding. This is an MA progr
amme afterall, girlie, what the Hell are you thinking about... Perhaps I should be reading some articles at the moment, rather than writing this blog of mine. But since I am dealing with Digital Culture, I can even consider this Internet relaxation as a part of my studies. Sure, I need to maintain my blog stats to use them in my future research.

Winter is creeping into this land. We have had some mild snow. Then, the snow has decided to become rain again. Jolly indeed. This week, things seem to be more promising. It has started to freeze a bit and some lonesome snowflakes can be seen, floating in the cold air.

Nordic winter begins. Somehow.

My exploration of very Finnish gigs has also continued. Just within a week I have seen two of among those Finnish bands that have been very significant for me. Nice coincidence. The first band w
as, of course, Viikate. The second gig happened last Saturday. Artsy punk Au Pair. Young local band; nevertheless they seem quite famous all around the country. I was more into Au Pair's music last winter and spring, but still I was very happy to see them live so soon. Punk, and much more. Strong sounds, dynamic riffs. Great vocal, great interpretation. Their lyrics is only in Finnish, critical and filled with clever irony. Not to mention how ironic felt their live act.

Punk frontman dressed as a bunny rabbit, eating his carrot and singing about New Europe? The rest of the punk band dressed into other forest animals, such as, for instance, the fox and the bear? Well, why not...

The words of Au Pair are among my first translations from Finnish. Check out how I tackled one of their pieces and translated it into English here.

Au Pair gig happened in Bar 68

At the beginning of this year, I was given a live recording from the very same band. It was taken in the very same place. Now I have seen Au Pair live, I have visited Bar 68 and I am not in contact with the one who has given me the music no longer. Yet there is more. During this weekend, one particular day has happened. Last year on that particular day, I went to sauna. This year, I spent it in Finland. Yes, I have had my birthday. It started
last weekend at midnight with that great Au Pair gig. It finished with a nice little party. Life writes all sorts of stories, change is the only constant in the world, that is all what I can say...

So much about my latest events. Good and hot sauna I wish, if you plan to visit one!

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