Friday, November 16, 2007


Peter Tägtgren Pain

Just got home after the gig. PAIN from Sweden. Tagged as industrial metal, however, Pain is a project of Peter Tägtgren, who is also Hypocrisy frontman. Pain rocks, and they rocked tonight in Lutakko as well. The set list seemed quite different then at our Metalcamp 2007. There was Same Old Song at the beginning, but the rest were, if I quote Pain, some songs they have never played live before. Alright, of course among those were also some songs I have already heard them playing live. And of course they did play the obligatory Shut Your Mouth. Yet there is one song I would like to hear and I did not get it again - Computer God. Nevermind that, I liked the gig. It lasted for an hour and a half, then they had to go because they had to catch the f*****g ferry; at least Peter said so. Hälsning från Jyväskylä!


Anonymous said...

Quite the nice gig indeed! Was there as well (didn't see you I guess... or then I did - not sure at all anymore.. but yeah, PROBABLY not :P) and it was definitely worth the money even though some of the tracks I hadn't heard them play live were tracks I didn't consider to be worth playing live anyway (like Injected Paradise) and I was perhaps a bit too optimistic all in all (I was waiting for Supersonic Bitch, Parallel To Ecstacy, Dark Fields Of Pain, She Whipped, A Good Day To Die, Third Wave and ESPECIALLY my favourite track Not Afraid To Die).

Ah, well! At least my wishes and expectations were somewhat filled by playing Crashed Stay Away and Greed and since this was the first non-open-air-gig I've seen I'm not complaining at all. Don't really even know which of the three gigs was the best.. they all have their pros and cons.

Nárëlaimë said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,PAIN!!! <3 Zavidam ti! Set listo prosim, če se ti ljubi (hvala Eruju, niso igrali Not afraid to die, kot je anonymous napisal/a, sicer bi jst kr umrla, ker bi jo res rada slišala). Peter je pa itak zakon. :)

kaneli said...

This was actually my second Pain gig. I have been a bit more into Pain's music last summer, but still I also do not know the whole discography that well. However, the Metalcamp gig was also very professional, among the best performances there, yet of course it did not last that long. And now in Lutakko Peter had better outfit, in my opinion. :D

@Narelaime: Ja, kar lušten koncert. :) In ni bil samo mlad folk; celo nekaj kar konkretno starejših sem videla. :D Setlisto bom poskusila izbrskati, komadov je bilo toliko, da se na pamet ne spomnim vseh... Zombie Slam je bil vsekakor med njimi (spet, itak).