Monday, June 25, 2007


Seven is a special number. It can be found in fairy tales, there are seven deadly sins, seven holy virtues, in Nanbudo we have seven forces, and so on. I was given an assignment by Alcessa. Quite a task. I was listed among seven bloggers that have to divulge SEVEN RANDOM TRUTHS about themselves. Some of my truths, I guess, have already been revealed. Either intentionally or by chance. Now I will try to write my seven down... will here appear sins, forces, magic? Well, let's see what comes out...

I am individualistic, even reclusive. I have been such as far as I can remember. Lonesome wolf. Well, I am an only child after all. Sometimes, I face problems in communication. I do not know how to open myself or how to approach people. I can even choose very wrong approach. I do not trust others easily. Finally, I can appear cold and distant, despite the fire burns beneath my surface and I just do not know how to show it. There are a few people only I can really attach on. I have a few friends, but they mean something to me. Also, I have not been in love that often. Yet when I emotionally attach, the grip and the passion hold strong. Too strong, perhaps.

I love travelling. Individualistic and reclusive as I am, I have done most of my trips alone. Ireland, Iceland, Finland. Very interesting one was Iceland in 2003. It is true that I stayed there with my Icelandic hosts, but I did a round trip through the country completely alone. I will never forget how I got lost in the midst of sharp lava field. Close to the place called Dimmu Borgir. And I found my way back well, as you can see.

Writing is my main expression, my art, my love. I read Hamlet at the age of 12. I wrote my first play at the age of 15. Romantic tragedy in verse inspired with Byron's poetry, with the lay Parisina. My first more serious and also published play I wrote at the age of 17. All in all, I write much better than I talk. I can write much more than I tell. In writing, I can be extremely extroverted and personal.

I did not drink alco until the beginning of last year. The first real thing I drunk was Salmiakki Koskenkorva; black and truly Finnish vodka I brought from that land. Latter, I carried on with some sweet cocktails, rum or malibu coke. The taste is what I like, and it makes me a bit more relaxed: that's all. I still cannot stand neither wine nor beer. And I have never been seriously drunk so far; just slightly.

Mornings are something I do not like. I am not a morning person for sure as I have problems with getting up, no matter when I go to sleep. Night is my time. I can stay awake long into the night, I enjoy the peace and quiet.

Metal music and metal subculture is something I got into quite late, in my early twenties. Before metal, I have already been listening alternative things; mainly rock. Very peculiar detail about me is, perhaps, that I was listening to classics when my friends were into Nirvana and Guns N'Roses. I never watched MTV as we did not have the programme at home. But metal and alternative have become the closest to me. Within metal, I like languages other than English. Norwegian can sound really sexy. Otherwise I put a lot of stress on good lyrics.

My style. Indeed, good theme. Very casual. Undergroundish. My colours are black, red and olive-green; yet black would be the leading. It calms me down, somehow. Well, if I put on olive-green, my eyes glow a bit more as they are also olive-green... I do not wear make-up often: I prefer natural look. I do not have earrings, but I have always liked silver rings. I have two very dear to me - both I bought myself. One with a black stone is from Iceland, the other represents a bear and it comes from Finland. Info for Alcessa: I wanted to get a ring with the moose - but it was too expencive for me. Some time ago, I have been wearing the famous One Ring as a devoted Tolkien's fan. Nope, I did not vanish. Now it rests in my chambers. For metal events and evenings, my style becomes a bit more feminine; I would wear corsets and skirts.

Now I suppose I have to encourage another seven to reveal their random truths. Well, if they feel like. Yet I will choose only the bloggers from my list; except Alcessa, of course. It won't be seven, but nevertheless. Thus, I give the torch to:

Aelfsciene (invited only)
Oceanborn (invited only)


kaneli said...

Yeah, well. Blogging is a form of cultivated narcissism, I have heard during Blogres. No wonder the passage on my style seems to be the longest... :D

alcessa said...

I like people who get on on their own and have their own ways. I sometimes think the world is way too full of blatant public emotionalising and self-presentations of any kind, too full of speach, screech and ... bleach (sorry, this was a much needed rhyme, but I actually mean it) :-)

Funny, Slovenians who don't drink (Had, too) or not much :-D

kaneli said...

Thanks for the reading and the comment. :)

As I am a bit confused these days, perhaps I did not get your comment totally. May I ask... would you put me among the people with their own ways? If I am among those others at the moment, I can still work on myself, hehe.

Well, I have found out that I sometimes like to present myself, especially through writing... it feels like acting, yet the stories are real. Nevertheless I am a theatre person. ;)Professional deformation, eh?

alcessa said...

Yes, I would.
I have a personal deformation, too, you know. :-D It is there because I wrote my B diploma thesis about the so-called "trivial literature" (Konsalik's the man). So while doing it I have learned a few things about deeper traits of human personality and about the superficial (shallow) ones, those that trivial works of art love to cultivate and which then make them so titillating in return. Those that the majority of people think are necessary to socialize these days. Speach, screech and bleach, as I said. Think Hilton. Paris.
So I like people with strong, deep inner life and I think they cannot be anything else but reclusive. You can even be an extroverted introvert (like me), but you still need to be alone and go your way. This is why I like your blog so much, also. *blush* I also find it difficult to describe it all nad it was me who confused things above, because they have become so self-evident to me that I cannot really describe them well. Shtekash? :-)

One question: have you ever read any Terry Pratchett? Especially the Tiffany Aching stories? Should you now be obliged to kill me, because I mention Pratchett to a Tolkien fan ... :-D

kaneli said...

Wow, many thanks for such profound explanation. Feels nice to read this. :) Now I do shtekam. At least I think that I do. I guess we share mutual respect as I appreciate good, honest and unique writing. ;)

Oh, yes, Prachett... I have heard quite some recommendations also from the others - Tolkien fans among them. :D For some time, I have had my own copie of Weird Sisters at home, waiting to be read (now I blush. Yeah, Shakespeare fan I am... And some things are now even translated to Slovenian. Good idea for the summer. Paperback thingies are useful for travelling and for reading in the camp.

However, I have been reading some H.P.Lovecraft from the internet. Very good fantasy (yet much more horror) fiction, too.

ब्रह्मकमळ said...

Heehee... I like these torchy thingies. Will get right on it, and... As few introverts as I meet in reality (or, at least people who are openly introverted) most of the best blogs seem to be written by them.

Narcissism or not, it takes the form of beautiful words crafted into beautiful sentences. For the sake of beauty, narcissism isn't always bad.

kaneli said...

Thanks. :)

Even introverts feel the urge to expose themselves, sometimes... I guess that every introvert carries a little extrovert within. Bare screaming for attention? I don't think so. Just a special form of communication.

On narcissism: yep, a bit of it cannot do much harm. Only the one who loves/likes her or him self knows how to love others, too...

Now I am looking forward to the reading. ;)

kaneli said...

I am listening to PAIN a lot these days. Well, I have periods of particular music. :) Here is the lyrics from one of his well known songs. The words kind of suit ''individualistic'' theme discussed above. :D

'' The only thing I ever wanted, the only thing I ever needed
is my own way - I gotta have it all
I don't want your opinion, I don't need your ideas
stay the fuck out of my face, stay away from me
I am my god - I do as I please''

Pain - Shut Your Mouth

OK, dear friends and fellow bloggers, you know that this does not go to you; it's just lyrics. Please, keep on writing and commenting. ;)