Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday, there was BLOGRES 2007 going on in Ljubljana. First International congress of bloggers in Slovenia. Yep, bloggers. There were lots of them, around 200, and Kaneli was among the crowd, too. On this not-the-best (but the only) photo I have taken, is a hall the congress took place in.

First of all, we were given green bags and, if we were lady-bloggers, similar green T-shirts. Then, the congress started. It was on from 9:30 until 19:00. Several shorter lectures followed by discussions. Lecturers from Norway, France, Serbia and our native land. Lectures were general enough to be suitable for a wide range of audience. We were given some useful law-advices, too. There were also workshops, but I agreed to go to sauna with my friend later in the evening - so I skipped the workshops. However, since I am artsy-theory kind of boring girl, I would be delighted to hear deeper analyses of the phenomena. You know, serious theories, underlined with postmodernistic philosophy. And for my alternative/punky taste, the congress seemed just slightly too... commercial. Of course we bloggers are consumers of computer market; thus, we are a good marketing target for all sorts of corporations. Blogging in general is a part of popular culture...

Nevertheless, I am glad blogging phenomena is being observed in such way. The participation was free for active bloggers - this was very good. And we bloggers were indeed given some useful practical information. I have heard some stuff that I would like to hear more about it in the future. Also, I have my own theory on blogging: but I won't reveal it. At least not yet. So, I will rather share just a bit of things I have written down during the lectures. I have chosen three of them as it might help to improve our blogosphere.

Eirik Solheim - Blogging and social media
Communication strategy for bloggers: OPEN, HONEST, DIRECT, PERSONAL, LISTEN, CONVERSATION
Well, this is something Kaneli agrees with.

Nicolas Fermont - Blog as a business opportunity
Simple and focused, demonstrate passion, show authority, be consistent, don't be insular- be linky, know your audience, produce the content that people love, add comments, get smarter by listening what people tell you.
And some business - sell merchandise with the blog's brand.
Sure I like to get smarter with the things my readers tell me. Yet merchandise is something I am not going to do... and I do not tend to become very populistic author either. I am narcissistic and egotistic blogger - as the following note confirms.

Katja Vukčevič - Profile of Slovene bloggers
In this lecture, I really liked the term that blogging is cultivated narcissism. And that blogging is a creation of a public person who is me in in my private life as well. Very private becomes very public. Very private is very public. Yep, there seems to be a bit of exibicionist dwelling in each blogger - and yes, there seems to be a bit of a voyeur in each of our readers.

Blog on, people! ;)


Aelfsciene said...

Kaksne pravne nasvete ste pa dobili?

kaneli said...

Po spominu... fakti brez mojih komentarjev.

Predvsem to, da se na blogu ne sme žaliti časti, torej grdo pisat čez koga, ga obrekovati in podobno. In da ni dobro pisat kar o vsem brez razmisleka in avtocenzure. Če imamo nick, to še ne pomeni, da smo nedotakljivi. Sodišče lahko zahteva umik napisanega - in pri tem je bolje, da če se nam kdo pritoži, napisano umaknemo takoj, ne čakajmo na odločbo sodišča.

Bloger seveda odgovarja za vsebino svojih postov. Če pa nekdo napiše žaljiv komentar, potem za le tega ne odgovarja avtor bloga. Še o YouTube je bilo govora. Če bloger objavi katerega od tam ponujenih posnetkov, bo za le to odgovarjal YouTube.

Teoretično je najbolj varno pisati o vremenu; tudi to je bilo rečeno včeraj. :)

No, če se še kaj spomnim, dodam. Lep pozdrav z radia, sem ravnokar izpeljala svojo oddajo. :S :D

kaneli said...

''Computerized technology
Wipes out all your enemies
Digital world controls
A dying analogue blasphemy''

Pain - Computer God

Tea said...

No ja, kolikor sem brala vajine bloge, ste po moje lahko glede tega brez skrbi. :)

kaneli said...

Ampak vsekakor je dobro vedeti. ;)

Nico said...

Hi Kaneli!
It's a really nice post that you wrote, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I'm glad you like some part of my presentation!
Lep pozdrav

kaneli said...

Hei Nico!

Hvala for the comment. :) Nice that you came to visit this blog here. Yes, I was very keen on writing notes during the whole Blogres. We will see what the future brings for worldwide blogosphere. ;) Good snowboarding I wish and lep pozdrav!

kaneli said...

P.S.: If I would be more in marketing, I would give cinnamon sticks to my loyal readers.