Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Slovenian metal scene is something I have not been writing about yet. Well, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I know and listen to more foreign metal and alter bands than those from my native country. Why is it so? I am not an expert at all but I would dare to say Slovenian metal scene is not that developed. But I guess it is... rising. And I hope it will rise high one day. All the way to Wacken!

However, there is one Slovenian band that has made me quite crazy these days. Perhaps it is slight patriotism I feel, too, but still. Better late then never. I am excited.

DEKADENT is the name. The main tag for them would be BLACK METAL; yet such tags can be far too limited. For me, their music goes beyond. Atmospheric black metal, symphonic, progressive, if you still like to get some tags. Every now and then, Dekadent reminds me on Austrian band Summoning. Yet this music really feels unique. Beyond the tags. Lyrics are both English and Slovenian; hei, yes, Slovenian sounds great.

Okay. I won't write more as the band's homepage provides information as well as good reviews. So I recommend with all my metal-patriotistic enthusiasm to listen their debut MANIFESTATION OF SEASONAL BLEEDING. Their second album will be released in autumn 2007. And yes, as you can see, there is some music above.

The song Dissident Dream is in English, but it is among my favorites. Beware those crescendos... The video you can observe has also been taken to this year's Venice Biennial. Just take your time - I guess it is worth to pay attention.

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