Monday, January 29, 2007


Something that meant a lot to me happened today. Alright, you can say I am boasting or overdoing or whatever you wish. Yet such small events can bring me so much happiness. Moments, that can make heavy day slightly lighter. Nanbudo training.

At the beginning of each training, we always start our practice with formal greeting. The ritual I so like; with traditional samurai spirit. Let me provide here more accurate description. We students and Sensei (teacher) line up, facing each other. Sensei sits at the front of the dojo. To Sensei's left, facing the middle of the dojo, are black belts, arranged from highest to lowest, with highest sitting closest to Sensei. If there is many black belts, the rest sit on Sensei's right hand side, in the same formation. The Kyus (school grades) sit facing Sensei below the black belts, lined across the dojo. They sit with the highest kyus (1., 2., 3.) on Sensei's left, going down in grades. During formal greeting, we repeat three Principles of Nanbudo (see below).

However, today there was only one black belt at the beginning and he was our Sensei; Fukushidoin since he has 1st Dan. Greeting is always done so, that chosen higher belt assists Sensei at the ritual. There are exact commands the assistant gives. Usually these commands are given by the highest black belt after the Sensei, or by the highest Kyu. The language is of course Japanese.

Moto no ichi - the assistant orders the group to line up
Seiza - sensei sits, the assistant sits, then assistant commands others to sit by saying Ossu!
Seikoza - we put right hand into the left, tips of the thumbs touching
Sensei leads our reciting of Nanbudo Mittsu no Chikara. Sensei also announces the end of meditation.
Fukushidoin ni rei - the assistant commands greeting to the Sensei (today he was Fukushidoin)
Otogai ni rei - the assistant commands greeting to all of us (''bow to the others'')
Kiritsu - the assistant commands the group to stand up

Today, I was given the honour to assist Sensei at the opening greeting. Duty I have never done before; it was very first time for me, deshi, 3rd kyu, green belt. Very good experience I so enjoyed. And yes, I did the assistance properly.

Nanbudo Mittsu no Chikara:
Chikara da (force, moč)
Yuki da (courage, pogum)
Shinnen da (conviction, prepričanje)


kaneli said...

29 January... huh... otherwise I do not like this day that much.

But I was happy this dojo event happened today.

david said...

i believe congratulations are in order, it's not everyday you get to assist sensei ...

kaneli said...

Hello and thank you.

Well, actually I did not want people to congratulate me when writing this post, if you know what I mean... it is not the matter of fame or something like that. It was just one special moment. :)

However, if there would be many of other green belts, I guess I would not be given this possibity to experience so soon.

kaneli said...

Today on 13 February is Yoshinao Nanbu's birthday.

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!