Saturday, January 06, 2007


Saturday evening. And Kaneli sits infront of the comp. Still slightly sick. Oh, this lousy physical feeling provokes sadness too. Emo Kaneli. But she has obligations next week; this health condition needs to get better. So she rather stayed at home to enjoy lazy and boring in-front-of-the-telly-or-comp evening. Yet now she can reveal where she would go if feeling better.

It seems some of my friends and me have grown a habit. There is a bar which turns into undergroundish sub-cultural meeting place. Every Saturday; for a year now. Some years ago similar metal-evenings occured on Mondays in another, now abandoned place. Oh c'mon, Mondays. However, this location and timing seem much better. Even without a crowd of metal fans the place is not any fancy hole for fancy youngsters. Please observe a part of the bar's wall on this very artistic picture I once took. It is a cosy place in it's special shabby way. This Fabrka (meaning Fact'ry). Or to be precise: Metal-Evenings, actually Devil's Hours, in Fabrka.

As expected there is various metal played all evening, we drink everything, from coffee to vodka, and we chat. Yeah well, what else to do. And eat crisps we smuggle in. Until those guys downstairs do not start to shout ''Last orders!'' as loud as the end of the world would be approaching. Sometimes people spill beer on us or our coats. Sometimes our chats turn so very girlish. Hei, one nice group of hellcats we are! And then some of us gets happy when one preferred band happens to be played. Well, it is somehow different if metal fan's preferred band is played within metal-evening. In a way it really feels more special than playing it at home...


kaneli said...

''O my your fever's high
I lay my hands upon you''

Aelfsciene said...

Hej, cist premalo hodim na tale tvoj blog, da bi komentirala poste, ki se me neposredno ticejo :)

Januar ni bil dober mesec za naso Fabrko ... Prejsnji teden si bila bolna (Fabrka pa grozljivo prazna), ta teden nismo sle, ker je thrash vecer, drug teden sem pa jaz brez avta, tk da vsaj mene (skor) zihr ne bo.

Sicer pa se se vedno dogaja ob ponedeljkih - od 21:30 do 2:00 v Orto baru (Kra Kra pa res ni vec, ja). In v zadnjo je dal DJ celo Emperor ... Aaaaaaaaaaa :D

kaneli said...

Ai, ai... vsekaže ne pišem tolikanj privlačnih postov, da bi večkrat poškilila sem. :D

Glede Fabrike - saj bo. Pretiravat pa spet ni dobro, po drugi strani...

Sam res, prejšnji teden sem se ravno v soboto ponoči počutila najslabše. :( Kar naenkrat.

Včeraj sem se po zelooo dolgem času spet spravila v gledališče. V Stari elektrarni sem si ogledala Predtem/potem; ena sodobna in not-main-stream predstava. :)

Mhja, ponedeljki so pač začetek tedna. Ni tistega sproščenega feelinga. Poleg tega imam treninge... tako da sobota still rules.