Saturday, January 20, 2007


Some time ago I have noticed how huge amount of inspiration I can get from music. As an occasional playwright. My latest play, for instance, would not become as it is if there would not be those bands I have been listening while working on the text. Atmospheres, thoughts and much more music can give me. Music is very significant for me. I have always put a lot of importance on good lyrics. Thus I really like those bands that can offer good and meaningful words. On the other hand, I also like to listen songs in languages I do not speak. Languages add their own soundscapes to the music. And yes, of course I do listen to some Slovenian bands too. Those more arty, odd and alternative. And yes, I also used to be Laibach fan some years ago.

Things I dream about. I would like to write lyrics for some band. For alternative kind of band. Metal, dark rock and so on. Oh, and I would so like to do videos for such bands as described above. That is even more suitable for my profession. I would write script for the video. So that the director and the band could put it into images. I would so try to do music video once. Hei, any alternative band out there searching for a poet or scriptwriter? I can prove myself devoted worker...

Last week I have been given new pile of good music. Many thanks again to the friend that has sent it from this cold distant land called Suomi Finland. Sure they have good musical stuff up there; not to mention only the Finns have won last Eurosong. I guess it would also be nice and interesting to visit one of those festivals they arrange in summer. I'd like to see good local bands live. However, during the week I have been listening a lot to MAJ KARMA. Actually Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat (Maj Karma's Beautiful Pictures); the band has shortened their name.

So here above you can see posted one Maj Karma's video. Valaiden laulu meaning Song of Whales. Killer track indeed, with some special lyrics. The video seems quite okay, the band members are cute and sexy, despite the video could be done slightly better. Khm, now let's try how this posting actually works... and enjoy the music!

P.S.: I am one silly reminiscent person. Thus I remember... and I can write too that now it is a year since I have traveled to Finland for the first time. To practice Nanbudo on ice and snow. The weather was even not that cold as expected. Yet I did not manage to see any Aurora Borealis. And so on.

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kaneli said...

Puhutiin me siitä sitten ääneenkin, että olisi helvetin makeeta tehdä rockia.
Metallisydän-levyn aikaan meitä alkoi vituttaa se, että kaikki sanoivat, että me ollaan sellainen saatanan taidebändi.
Henry Miller sanoi, että kun kirjoittaa, jokaisen lauseen pitää olla veitsenisku. Siihen meidän musa on menossa.

Maj Karma
Sue indierockpunkmetalzine, elokuu 2006