Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today I have read the news in Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that kaamos has started in Lapland. I really like this Finnish word for the polar night. It feels so calm, dark and deep as I imagine the real polar night would be... We don't have kaamos in this part of Finland and no matter how beautiful the word itself feels, I guess it would be hard to endure the time when the sun neither rises nor sets. We only have short days, winter darkness, and living with it does not always feel comfortable.   

These days were very cold as well, not only in Lapland. In Helsinki it was around -14, and the cold will continue for some time. According to the news it is very unusual that such a cold strikes at the end of November already.  This is North, but I know that North can be mild and tender even during winter. So I don't know was it the winter darkness or this unusual cold... I just had a hell of a week. Even now during weekend I still feel the burdens of the past days, like stones. Sometimes it's just too much of everything.

Luckily, I visit the gym regularly, and exercise helps. Otherwise I don't know how would it be. Bleh.

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