Thursday, November 04, 2010


As you can see on the side-bar of Cinnamon Book, Parokeets are giving away some nice metallic and magnetic nail polishes. However, also Nea  from Finland has something nice to offer - just click here and enter the giveaway on Nea's great blog Fashioned in Finland. The prize includes Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, Sleek Storm palette, Sleek Good Girl palette and TKB mini samples. The products look very tempting... :P The giveaway ends on 3rd of December 2010 so there is some time to enter.

However and by the way, I feel so very sleepy today that I cannot produce a better or longer post than this... Finnish winter is getting stronger, especially considering its dark powers; there is no snow yet, just darkness is longer and longer... I eat D-vitamin and fish oil, but those things do not always help as I would like. Well, soon Christmas time will come anyway, and there will be lots of other light... and candles and sweets.

EDIT: The Parokeets giveaway ended on the 8th of November, I did not get anything - not surprised at all as I basically never win anything in raffles. :D

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