Saturday, March 28, 2009


katso ilmaa
koske maata
menetä tämä elo maaksi
hetki sulje
(Tenhi: Tuulenkato)

I was kind of tagged by Nina to search for the sixth folder with pictures, to choose the sixth image out of that sixth folder and, finally, to post it here with the story of its creation. My pictures, however, are following their own order which does not necessarily include several folders. Thus, I chose the folder with the highest amount of various images - and I found one on the sixth place

Strangely enough, this image was taken in 2006; in April, to be precise. The sky over the forest at my Slovenian home. I still remember well it was the very first storm that year and I was amazed by the blackness of the clouds. The shine of the sky.

This image is also connected to Finland, in a way. The year 2006 was not that good year for me; depression was initiated, my sky was covered with gloomy clouds, only some patches of shiny blue was left...

In that strange spring I was also listening a lot to my dear Tenhi; the band had just issued new album Maaäet. The atmosphere of the picture is for me closely associated with the lyrics of Tuulenkato.

And on tagging - well, dear fellow bloggers, if you feel like searching for your sixth picture within the sixth folder and then write a post about it, you are vey welcome to do so.


Nárëlaimë said...

Gorgeous pic!

kaneli said...

It really is... thanks. :)