Thursday, April 16, 2009


I know such differences are totally normal and I should not wonder so much. Yet this fact amuses me a lot. The thing is I am visiting Slovenia for an Easter visit; well, this visit will be slightly longer than usual Easter holidays. When I left Finland in the beginning of April, we still had some snow there. On the ground, falling from clouds. When I have come to Slovenia, I have immediately started to wear summer T-shirts. Hell, I am not overdoing, it does feel hot here to me!

Maybe long Finnish winters are something which I cannot accept as easily as many other cultural and natural features. Sure, snow in winter feels fine, and also that classical white Christmas. One learns how to overcome long nights with many additional lights; candles, for instance. In March, days are already long, but still... the snow stays there. Now in April days are even longer, already much longer than in Central Europe, but still... the snow in Mid-Finland is melting slowly; too slow, perhaps.

I like spring, and I don't see it as romantic period of love and all that kitchy stuff. I like how the nature wakes up in spring; I like fresh leaves, flowers and first mild storms. Proper spring is what I have really been missing in Finland and I have been glad when I have seen first cracks on the ice.

However, now during my visit in Slovenia, during this warm and green spring, I have already started to miss Finland and really long days; regardless the snow. Oh, I guess I constantly suffer with melancholy and gentle longing...

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