Saturday, April 05, 2008


Classical touristical photo I could sell as a postcard :)

After two years and many changes, I visited Helsinki again.
The decision for the trip came with one opportunity at my university, and it was done very fast. Since I have been living in Finland, for some reasons I have never found time to see the capital; until Friday the 4th of April. The last time I saw the city was at the end of August 2006, just before I caught the train for Turku. However, yesterday, I got back to Helsinki.

The day was so sunny and so warm. It seemed just perfect; more than perfect if considering slowly melting snow in JKL. Spring reaches Helsinki sooner. Thus, I spent the whole day walking around the centre. I recalled my summer school, the people and our ways we had in Helsinki. Since my last stay, the city has not changed much. I remembered everything well, all the streets and important locations I wanted to see again.

I just enjoyed lively capital with rhythm so different than my home JKL, broad streets, people rushing here and there. I know still how one can get fed up with this city-feeling. When living in Helsinki for
a month, I could not stand the city at one point anymore, and therefore I was escaping from it to Suomenlinna. For me, Helsinki is the city one starts to miss after some time; but too much of it affects the one like all other drugs. Still, as a day trip, the difference between calm provincial town and rushy capital felt pleasant.

My mood has been changing a lot during last months. Periods of low spirits can strike me at any time, and I am feeling constant unease as I don't know how long my better mood would last. Yesterday was one of those days I really felt I have to enjoy my fine temper. So, I was just walking in that early spring, enjoying my first outdoor ice-cream this year. It was the very same place I bought the ice-cream from, and the very same kaneli-omena jäätelö, cinnamon-apple ice-cream, I got to know during that summer in Helsinki; partly inspired with particular ice-cream, Cinnamon book has been given its name. Back then I also wrote kaneli-omena is how Helsinki taste for me. Finally, I can conclude the city still taste good.

Helsingin Yliopisto - The University of Helsinki

Esplanaati and greenish grass

In the harbour

Aleksis Kivi and National Theatre



Aelfsciene said...

Jej, Helsinki. Res lepe slike.

Manjka samo se kaksna, na kateri si tudi ti.

kaneli said...

Hvala. :) Meni je ful všeč tista turistična. :D Pa narcise... Ah ja, sonce in svetloba.

Fotke z mano so pa na drugi medmrežni lokaciji. ;)

Aelfsciene said...

Meni je pa vsec ta pristaniska, pa SIlja Line trajekt zraven, ki je vecji od otocka, mimo katerega pluje :D

kaneli said...

Trajekta sta bila sicer parkirana. ;) Ja, morje je bilo tudi lepo v petek...

storyteller said...

Se lahko nadejamo še kakšnih potopisov? ;) "Nekje" sem brala, da si se spet potepala! :)

kaneli said...

Poročilo pravkar napisano. ;)