Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What's new? Some things in my life have changed all of a sudden, some are still the same... First of all, I have got a job in Helsinki. Thus, I also have my own flat and I don't have to share it with flatmates. Finally. I had good as well as bad experiences with shared flats and people that shared the flat with me; however, I rather live on my own. Oh, it is a very big difference. I am certainly among those that cherish individuality and, sometimes, also loneliness.

So I had to move quite fast into a new city; alright, that was not such a problem as I had known Helsinki quite well for some years, at least the center. The thing is that I had to start with a whole new rhythm. Which makes me to feel a bit old. But... I should still finish my Master's thesis and that is what still makes me a student. :) And also bothers me a lot... I am really slow when it comes to writing a thesis, any kind of a thesis...

Well, I guess I should not complain as it is probably not that easy to get a job in these times I am happy that the days here up North are much longer again. Spring is finally coming to Finland, no matter some remnants of snow are still lurking under shady corners. However - good Vappu, May Day I wish!

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Banshee said...

He-ej! Vso srečo v novem stanovanju in službi! :D