Tuesday, February 09, 2010


OPI Romeo & Joliet

Nothing special is going on, I am basically working on my thesis, or at least trying to work on it, and so I actually do not come up with some interesting material for the blog. However, some things are new and they even surprise me. I guess it's because I was bored with colourless everyday of Finnish as well as Slovenian winter, or merely bored with colourless everyday in general - and so I had started to paint my nails. For a girl that has owned just a transparent top-coat and possibly some black nailpolish only a month ago, this surely is a big change. I think that now I have something like 15 or 17 nailpolishes - heh, I am not even sure about the exact number. :P

It all started with a small bottle of Lumene's blueberry-purple polish called Drama Queen. I was quite skeptic as I was not very patient when applying colorful polishes in the past, I was clumsy with the brush, I put too thick layers, the polish did not dry nicely etc. But when applying Drama Queen I was more concentrated - and I have realized one just needs some more patient (which I surely need to practice, so dealing with nail polishes is useful in this way) as well as a good polish (my black ones were usually very low-quality). So I have started to enyoj the colours on my nails and I have also started to collect nail polishes. Well, at first I thought I would only stick to those small 4ml bottles of the same family as Drama Queen was, but then, and this is another "interesting" update, I have started to follow some nail-polish blogs and forums. Thus I have discovered some other famous and commercial names like OPI and China Glaze. Finally, I have also found out that one can get OPI as well as CG polishes in JKL as well. Eeek. Luckily, some very nice shades were also on 70%-off sale. :D

Now I am thinking to get a small cosmetic case as I suppose my nail polish collection would probably keep growing. At the moment I am protecting myself to start ordering stuff via Ebay as internet shopping is dangerous in the sense of wide selection of products. However, I have already realized, kind of, that there are numerous shades of one colour and that one could just keep collecting forever; according to my current polishes, I prefer purples and reds, rather darker than brighter. But I do own one bright turquoise and shinny apple-green, too.

All in all, I probably won't change Cinnamon Book into a fashion/make-up/polish blog as I don't feel too competent for something like that, and I guess I have not turned that commercial. Or well... let's first see how nice I will learn to apply polishes; at the moment I cannot even take good pictures of swatches. I dare to say I have got better with eyeshadows, but that would be another story. ;)


Nárëlaimë said...

Welcome, dear. ;) :D Jaz imam v glavi en projekt za blog glede lakiranja nohtov. Swatchov pa ne morem delat, ker nimam dovolj dobrega digitalca, bah.

Pa ja, laki za nohte so zabavna zadevščina. :) Čeprav ostajam v območju rdeče, črne, vijolične in zelene, obstaja miljon teh odtenkov. :) Moram ti pokazat svoj seznam. ;)

kaneli said...

Danes sem si sla v Maxi ogledat Zoye - Yasmeen, recimo, mi je ful vsec. Pa Mata Hari tudi. Tega na Finskem se nisem odkrila, tako da bo spet nekaj zapravljanja, ojej... :P

Nárëlaimë said...

Ah, Yasmeen je čista popolnost. Ena mojih najljubših Zoy. Ta, pa Suvi. Pa še miljon drugih. :D