Monday, November 16, 2009


Sometimes I don't know why I've chosen this land. The weather in early winter is most of all gray, and so very heavy. No wonder that bears hibernate - I could also sleep for hours and hours. Yes, perhaps even days. It was snowing last week, now the snow has melted again, it's damp, it's also icy and so very very sleepy... Not to mention the fact that the darkness comes around 3pm, and this is not getting better until January; it'll only get worse now when December appears. And even when there is day light, kind of, it's gray... as someone would put a thick cloth over the only source of light left.

Sometimes I think that the life here is heavy, considering the climate. Why somebody moves to this climate, and then even decides to spend another winter here, I wonder. But still... I feel like staying.


Riki Miklavec said...

Aha, torej od zdaj naprej 4 posti na leto, eden na vsak letni čas? :o

kaneli said...

Joj daj ne teži no! :P Ne morem skoz sam bloga pisat... Sicer pa imaš ti že skoz samo en post! >:/

Riki said...

Ne, dva imam! očitno nič ne bereš mojega bloga. :/