Tuesday, February 03, 2009


When traveling by plane, I am usually bothered with the fact one is not allowed to carry (to big) bottles of liquids in the hand luggage. As I do not drink alco, my only problem are cosmetic products. But even in the case of cosmetic, I do not posess loads of make-up or several face-creams; however, just the basic set of soaps and lotions can signify a nice addition to the weight of the luggage. For me, there would be always a maximum of 20 kg; and I am always trying to take less than the maximum.

Winter sales in Finland went all the way to 70% off the original price and thus it was easier to spend money on some additional and perhaps slightly silly thingies other than just clothes. Lately, however, my obsession would not be clothes but vegan and bio cosmetic products; well, this could be another post within too many times neglected Cinnamon Book.

There were winter sales that turned my attention to this clever set for traveling. It surely is all-in-all plastic and it probably has been made in one particular Asian country... but I don't care. When traveling, I do not plan to search for products in small bottles I would probably throw away after the trip, thus polluting the environment. One can fill these little bottels with liquids-already-at-home by her own choice; in my case, everything would be just products for using while taking a shower. Or a bath, whatever.

Btw, I guess I have already mentioned I had always liked foxes...


Nárëlaimë said...

Hehe, very sweet. I'm afraif i'm a huge sucker for this kind of things. And i'd need several of this bottles for my lotions and all the other stuff i use. Which is just one excuse more for me to buy them, of course. :)

kaneli said...

Well, then you should do as I did... these thingies were only the very basic stuff as I bought all the additions at the destination of my trip. ;)