Sunday, June 01, 2008


... summertime... and my dear Jyväsjärvi Lake again...

The first day of June is the start of summer in Finland. Lectures at the University have finished, apart from various summer courses going on, schools have started their holidays, and our Aikido-dojo has switched to summer schedule of trainings.

Speaking about me, I have been very busy during the past days. Assignments would just not stop, and so I kept on writing or reading or whatever. Thinking and sleeping as well. Some parties, some gigs, meeting people, new bike and so on. As you have probably noticed, there was not much time to devote it to my blog; but it seems I will stay busy more or less all June. Another news is that I will soon be moving. Feels kind of funny. I have lived for some twenty years at one place, then I have switched the country all of a sudden, and now I am moving again within less than a year. Alright, this time, I will only change the location and the apartment in the same city.

The weather in the past days has not been that very hot here up North; pleasant twenty-something degrees. Also, the country has turned green, so very green and so very shiny. So much light! We have like 19 hours and 9 minutes of day at the moment, and this feels almost amazing. I am not even sure if there is any proper night left; at midnight, the sky is still bright. However, within twenty days, on Juhannus, the days will start to shorten again - and winter will soon be back to this places... but until then - rejoice, for it is summer!

Lovely and relaxed days I wish, my dear friends and fellow bloggers.


storyteller said...

Pri nas smo čez noč presedlali na poletje. Je pa res, da je ta teden spet oblačen in občasno deževen. Skupaj s tempearturo je rezultat: sopara.

kaneli said...

Včeraj je bilo super vreme, končno sem lahko oblekla poletno krilce, sedaj se pa spet napoveduje ohladitev... we'll see.