Wednesday, August 15, 2007


During Metal Mania 2007

Today, I have felt extremely sleepy. I cannot even say why. However, I have not been writing for a couple of days, yet some things have been going on. Short post it will be, I reckon, as this odd sleepiness still bugs me, making my eyelids feel like steel, transforming my head into a heavy stone. At the very moment I cannot even distinct reality from the bits of drowsy dreams evading me constantly...

Let's try to write something nevertheless. Last weekend, I attended Metal Mania Open Air. The name sounded promising, despite this was a very small metal festival in Slovenian Littoral Region. I aimed at some good bands - and especially at a good company of my friends. Metal Mania is actually not a proper, serious festival. We found out it had been more about drinking. Merely a crazy drinking feast for metal fans, live metal music playing in the background instead some folk-music-kind-of bands that would attend a similar village feast. So, some of us did not approve such overdone drinking... as the behaviour of some drunk people was too overdone. Spilling sticky drink from the plastic bottle all over innocent people that just happened to be around, pushing the same innocent people on the floor, some of them even happened to fall into the muddy puddles... I mean, hello, get a life, that was just too much.

Thus, Metal Mania did not posses that overall festival feeling for sure... and that was too bad. Anyway, at least the bands were good. I can point out Norwegian black metal 1349, Serbian The Stone and Slovenian Dekadent. I am really happy I have finally seen Dekadent live - they could be headliners by all means. The fact that it was raining for both festival days seemed almost irrelevant. The greenish rainy landscape was great, as we would be camping somewhere in Ireland. It was just that overdone drunk behaviour that threw shit allover the place.


Aelfsciene said...

Tako je :/

In folk je se vedno noro navdusen nad MMOA :S

Tea said...

Pozabila si omeniti Down Patrol. ;)

kaneli said...

Seveda je folk noro navdušen. Veselica in poceni pivo... :S

Saj res. Sem pomislila nanje, ampak se mi ni dalo razpredat o enem luštnem pevcu. ;)

Aelfsciene said...

Sto ljudi, sto cudi, sto okusov ;)