Tuesday, August 07, 2007


While some of you might have had an exciting times lately, my life has been pretty quiet. At least it has seemed so. For the last few days, there has been only one thing going on. I have started a reading marathon.

I have never been serious trend-follower. If there was something very in at one time, I would rather place myself in the distance; I guess there is a bit of alternative-artsy attitude. Kind of trying to avoid commercialism and all that. So it was with these very famous books. When all were reading them, hardly expecting the next in the final row of seven, I was not a part of that excited population. This is just special me. If there is some mania going on, I would stay in the distance, yet I would knew what it is all about. I knew basic info on this particular mania, too. I knew some characters, I knew the basic plot, I even knew some lines. And yes, I would check what it was all about sometime latter. Bits me, why. That special me. Anyway, there are books we are talking about - and such overall reading-mania should be respected. Much better for the kids (and adults) to read rather than stick their noses into computer or telly.

Now, the time has come. I have started to read HARRY POTTER. From the very first book. In English.

The first two books required approximately two days; now I am already well ahead with the third one. Things will change slightly when starting the fourth book, you know how thick it is - and onwards. However, it has been very relaxing so far. I have really been missing such devoted reading. All-day reading, being so absorbed into the story. And do not blame me for neglecting Slovene translations. I enjoy reading in English.

I wonder when this marathon will be finished. There are things I will have to tackle that seem much more important than the world of Harry Potter. Well, I have been in Snape-like mood lately, too. It is quite possible I have deliberately charmed a few escapistic days for me. But hei, despite autumn is approaching, it is still summer... and it seems I will spend a part of it at Hogwarts.


Nárëlaimë said...

Hehe, super! :D Jaz tudi razmišljam o tem, da bi začela celotno serijo brati v angleščini. V slovenščini jo imam že nekajkrat prebrano (no, do šeste knjige, ker sedma pač še ni bila prevedena:)), v angleščini pa le napol. Tako da nas bo očitno kar nekaj na tem maratonu Harryja Potterja. :)

kaneli said...

I will write reply in English as it is partly an addition to the post itself. And yes, nice marathon to you as well. :)

Well ahead through The Goblet of Fire, the fourth Harry Potter book already. Alright, I am not boasting with the speed of my reading. I just want to point out that these books are very reader-friendly. Not to mention that I did not notice several hours passing while reading yesterday night... it happend to be half past four in the morning, just out of the blue. :D

There is also something I have wanted to add. Perhaps it was good I did not follow HP mania during the peak of it. Now, this intense reading does really good to me as I am kind of going through some hard times. Nice portion of escapism and relaxation indeed. :D
Read on, people! ;)

Nadezhda said...

We all said in the beginning that we won't follow the trend. But once you get hooked, there's no escaping it! :)

Enjoy the books.

kaneli said...

Hello Nadezhda!

Thanks for the comment. I very much agree. Not to mention that I have been dreaming Harry Potter already... in English. :D And nope, those were not images frome the movies... as I have seen only two so far. ;)