Monday, July 02, 2007


Hei, July! Summer is getting high. Last week, our two metal pubs were like... abandoned. From now on, metal evenings won't be happening until autumn. This fills me with slight melancholy. Autumn. And my future. Yep, that is the main reason for my melancholy. I feel like something has faded away. Well, yes, things did fade away. A part of the past is gone.

But, Hell, away with tears. At least try so. The future awaits. Now, the time of music festivals begins.

Here is the soundtrack of my life. One of those funny surveys; thanks for the idea, Aelfsciene. As I listen to a lot of stuff, there would be quite some alternatives for each subject. Thus, I have rather chosen those more known bands. And I guess the list would look different even within a couple of months...


Opening credits:: Summoning: Mirkwood

Waking up:: Storm: Noregsgard

Average day:: Dekadent: Dissident Dream

First date:: Satyricon: K.I.N.G.

Falling in love:: Ensiferum: Lai Lai Hei

Love scene:: The Velvet Underground: Venus in Furs

Fight scene:: Slayer: Angel of Death

Breaking up:: Katatonia: No Good Can Come Out of This

Getting back together:: Dimmu Borgir: Stormblåst

Secret love:: Tenhi: Rannalta Haettu

Life's okay:: Tom Waits: Everything goes to Hell

Mental breakdown:: My Dying Bride: From Darkest Skies

Driving:: Pain: Shut Your Mouth

Learning a lesson:: Hatebreed: Supremacy of Self

Deep thought:: Katatonia: The Future of Speech

Flashback:: Ajattara: Musta Aurinko

Partying:: Sacred Reich: Surf Nicaragua

Happy dance:: Korpiklaani: Tervaskanto

Regreting:: Swallow the Sun: The Justice of Suffering

Long night alone:: Mortiis: En Mørk Horisont

Death scene:: Evoken: Antithesis of Light

Closing credits:: Magyar Posse: Kings of Time


Aelfsciene said...

Meni se tudi neprestano spreminja seznam. Po kateri logiki pa ti sicer izbiras pesmi? po besedilu, glasbi, atmosferi? Jaz malo mesano, vcasih pa se po asociacijah :)

kaneli said...

Pri meni ima velik pomen besedilo. My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Tenhi in še kaj bi se lahko večkrat znašlo na tem seznamu. Na katero od pesmi me veže tudi dejanski spomin. Ja, in seveda asociacije ter občutki, ki jih prebuja določena atmosfera. Se pravi tudi jaz izbiram mešano. :)

Niels said...


kaneli said...

Well, thanks. It was quite hard to make this current selection. :)