Sunday, July 08, 2007


No big words from me today, I guess. More inner events and such blah-blah; but I have not been writing for a while. First of all, I have been feeling like young Werther these days. Emo, caught in some kind of sweet despair and so on. The second thing is that I am about to copy an idea from Aelfsciene and Nárëlaimë. One announcement there is. I am going to Metalcamp this year. And with the purchase of this ticket, I have also supported one young Slovenian hardcore band.

My last two summers were dedicated to Nanbudo. Thus meaning I attended traditional summer seminar in Playa d'Aro, Spain. Serious trainings on the beach twice a day. Now you can imagine an international bunch of people practising martial art in kimonos among all those holiday-on-the-beach-lying people. Well, I guess Nanbudo was there first. Our founder Yoshinao Nanbu Doshu had started the seminar on that beach long before the place has got so commercial. Oh, I had a dream about Spain just tonight... well, yes, I will miss the seminar. This is how things have turned out. Yet I have wished to see our Metalcamp, too.

I should be thinking about my future; and yep, I am thinking about it a lot. Though I am such a person of the past... now I am writing in general. I would miss things and crave for the past. Dwell on it. Hei, even my two latest plays speak about character's past and dealing with it. And I have had one flash these days. Even if I miss some particular things... they have been long gone already. Illusions are what I miss.

Okay, enough of this abstract writing. Speaking of the past again, yesterday, we had a very nice trip with Aelfsciene. We went to see castle Kamen (Stain - Stone - Kivi) near Begunje. A few years ago, I remember we Tolkenians practised medieval sword fighting there, hehe... The place is really picturesque. The weather was nice as well - and, as you can see, we had some fun with taking photos.


Aelfsciene said...

Kamen je cist hud :) Na Metalcampu se pa lepo mej, sej vem, da se bos ... Potem nas pa upam da caka Metal Mania :)

kaneli said...

Kamen je hud in midve sva bili tudi hudi. ;) Samo pas mi manjka, no. :D

Upam, da res Metal Mania in predvsem Dekadent. Drži se!

Tea said...

Ja, na Metlcampu bo zakon! Tudi jaz se ga že ful veselim! :D

Nárëlaimë said...

O ja, Metal Camp. :D Enkrat v teh dneh te moram ujet na msnju, da se malce pomeniva, kdaj vi krenete proti Tolminu pa to. :) Kumi že čakam. Žur bo. ^.^

kaneli said...

Metalcamp bo. ;)

Ja, si bomo izmenjali informacije o odhodu.