Friday, April 20, 2007


Some months ago, I was crying there is no proper work for me. These days, I have so much to do. Work, I mean. Well, sure I should be writing something else right now, not this blog... Yet I have nice writer's block at the moment; I am trying to get rid of it here. And I will fetch some chocolate latter. I guess there is still one with vanilla liqueur filling somewhere... However, this sort of artsy life of mine seems ironical. Either there is nothing at all. Either there is a pile of things and projects at once.

This week, I have been browsing through my old files. I have found this poem I have written a couple of months ago. I don't know, I think I could do it better. And yes, I felt shitty while writing. Whatever. It is a poem I have written after a long no-writing-poems time. So, here it is.

Drowsy I try to grasp reality
In my mouth, strange words as stones
In my eyes, dear friends as vultures
Drowsy I try to grasp reality
Shadows of my mind, decaying
Images of distant me, dissolving
The real me I have never been
Drowsy I try to grasp reality
Dreams of frozen happiness
Euphoric sleep of craziness
Awaking, awaking, awaiting
Drowsy I try to grasp reality
There is the waste land I should walk
Vulture-like shadow I should stalk
Pursue the path of perished past
Hallucinations that will blast
Inside my head as blissful nothing
Drowsy I try to grasp reality
Me, just hopeless case of change


kaneli said...

So far, I have never got seriouslly drunk. But I do drink a bit on Saturdays. I have found out I can stand vodka well; thus, I drink some jucy vodka mixtures.

Yet today... fuck, it was only a liqueur chocolate... but the bloody thing has some effect! :D Not only that I have managed to finish some work right now, yey...

Alright, I am really not totally sober right now.

banshee said...

Hihi, drowsy (ne vem točno, kako se napiše, izgovori se drauzi) je ime tudi enemu pokemonu, ki je kar naprej zaspan in se ful počasi vleče! :D

kaneli said...

Kul :D. Sicer sem bila pa jaz tudi tak Drowsy te dni... :S