Saturday, March 03, 2007


Hello, dear people. Long time, no writing. I have missed you a lot and I hope all is well with you. I am sure you have missed me too... So how are you doing? Okay, nevermind; actually, I do not care because I have turned so fucking egotistic, hehe. However, this here is my latest very official portrait. One friend saw this in Skype some days ago. ''What is with this smiling person in your photo,'' he asked. Well, I answered, life sucks, but I am at least trying to laugh at it all!

As you can see, this will be totally egotripping post. Usual bloggy crap. Perhaps, I should be more socio-critical, spitting venom over politics, society and the present world we live in - but not today. I have been angry and bitter enough within the past days; for several reasons. Well then, where shall I start? I was a bit sick last week; so I tried to rest and get some peace. Thus I could also say my past days have been drifting pretty much slowly. Or not. Depends from the interpretation. Hei, people, I just do not want to hear ''get a life'' phrase said to me never again! Alright, serious now. Last night, I have heard two songs in my dreams. The first one was Decades by Joy Division and the second one was Finnish, Kaikki me kuolemme pian by Jarkko Martikainen. Odd. Especially the selection of the music; God knows why I have heard these two. Also I have never heard songs in my dreams, and never so exact as the two did play. Speaking of music furthermore, today I am attending Viking/Pagan Metal Evening in Fabrka (Fact'ry). There, my friend with a nickname Banshee is celebrating her birthday. I am looking forward to the evening a lot.

Stuff to tell. Again, I have found out that it is not that easy to be a playwright. There was one competition I attended, and my latest play did not reach any high. Despite very good opinions and despite the fact that some years ago my plays did reach very high. Goddamned. But this is how artistic life goes. One time you win, and the other time you do not. One time you are praised, the next time you are not. Playwright just has to know how to deal with such thingies, not to lose motivation, convenience and self-esteem. However, I am happy for one other writer and for the success of her play.

Also something. In mid February I took one exam that measures English proficiency for academic purposes. In case I would need some more proven papers about my language skills and so on. The exam is done entirely via computer, from reading and listening, to speaking and writing. And it lasts almost five hours. So after the exam, I almost got drunk. Actually I did get drunk... a bit. Well, I can write only that the waiting for the results has not been very pleasant time. The results came online last week - and it seems I did it quite well. Better than expected. Huh.

Oh, another news. I am about to get new glasses. I have noticed that I had not seen that well with these old ones - and yes, I have needed new prescription. I guess it was just about time for me... since I have actually had some troubles on behalf of poorer vision. Again I was told contact lenses would not be suitable for me. Well, shit. But on the other hand, I have chosen one glasses that look... very simple, yet hot. Anyway, in general I defend the opinion that glasses can be very sexy addition.

Okay. Lunar eclipse is about to happen this night. Next week, I am on my working road again. Tomorrow, however, it would be very wise to check out 5th Triennal Of Conremporary Slovenian Art U3 ...

Later update: I continue my narcissism here. This photo has been taken just a few hours ago during the mentioned Banshee's birthday party in Fabrka. The party was great by all means and the music was great, too! :)


banshee said...

Hei, fotka je dobro uspela! :D Mogoče pa "zlobni načrt" uspe! ;)

Aelfsciene said...

Zlobni nacrt?

Ja, vceri blo zlo fajn, Tein klobucek je bil zmaga, pa santa barbara.

Glede prevoza pa obema sorry :( Bom enkrat razlozila, kako to izgleda.

Drugace pa ful lustna fotka. Kdo slikal?

kaneli said...

Preko gmaila sem vam poslala še preostale fotke. Upam, da so uspešno dospele. Ja, itak, da je bilo včeraj zakon! Tea rules. ;)

Zlobni načrt pa je v tem, da sem včeraj spila en alkoholni koktejl in se pogumno odločila, da bom le to fotko objavila na blogu. Z najboljšim namenom, da me bo potem kdo zapecal! :D

Eh... danes, ko sem nekoliko bolj trezna, pač spet ugotavljam, da še vedno prebolevam svojega ''dragega'' severnjaškega prijatelja. Prekleto. ;(

Sicer pa hvala za dobro mnenje o fotki. Posnela jo je Nerlisa - hvala tudi njej.

Aelfsciene - okej glede prevoza. Tudi če bi jaz imela izpit že narejen ter bi bila bolj samostojna, bi v Fabrko hodila s taksijem. Zaradi ne-brezalkoholnih koktejlov. :)

banshee said...

Super fotke! Hvala! :D Na mojem blogu te pa čaka recept za Santa Barbaro. :)

Meta, če bi jaz nujno hotela prevoz, bi ti že kak dan prej zatežila. Sploh ni bilo problema. Pa še namečkala si se lahko na zadnjem sedežu, hihihi. ;)

Nárëlaimë said...

Martina, hvala za fotke!! :) Ja, tale mi je precej dobro uspela. :) *proud*

Sicer je pa res bilo zakon. :) Sicer sem imela slab dan, samo je tale žurka v Fabrki to zabrisala. Je bilo res fino, Santa Barbara je pa odlična! :) Mormo ponovit! ;)

kaneli said...


Okej, super, da so fotke uspešno prispele. Banshee, hvala za recept.

kaneli said...

Listening to some Skyforger...

Music was also very good yesterday, right? I have to point this out again. Viking/Pagan/Folk Evenings should occur more often!! We were able to hear Finntroll as well as Korpiklaani (thus, both sides were satisfied, I wanna say ;) )

Hm... but there should be one Doom Metal Evening one day, too. I have heard My Dying Bride played only once in Fabrka so far. Not to mention the discrimination of doom metal in Orto bar on Mondays! :D

But it is fun neverhteless. ;)

kaarlo-hermanni said...

A doom metal night - not so happy event? Folk/pagan/whatever seems bit more cheerfull for partying purposes. But on the other hand when I think of it I have had some golden moments when me and a friend of mine found Candlemass. We took Epicus Doomicus Metallicus to every party with us.

kaneli said...

Mhm, this Candlemass album sounds okay. I do not actually know why doom is not played that often in these bars. It is not just about party and overall ''happy little boozer'' atmosphere, I guess. All other not that jolly genres seem to be prefered more. Like trash, death and black. Perhaps it depends from the DJ, too. Well, I do not mind - as long as this other selection is okay.

Ja mitä siis sinulle kuuluu? Muistaakseni en ole kirjoittanut sinulle pitkään aikaan.

kaarlo-hermanni said...

At least thrash, death and black are energic forms of metal. Think about Evokens album Antithesis of Light played in bar, if you have heard it. I'll write you an e-mail about whats new.

kaneli said...

So you did. And there has been a reply sent, too.

Got your point. Yep, I have heard a couple of pieces from the mentioned album Antithesis of Light. Funeral dooooom.

Still some Katatonia, for instance, is not that slepy, right? Neither some MDB... However, speaking of some black metal, I like to hear Satyricon; these guys are played quite a lot.