Monday, March 19, 2007


Hei, dear all. Some time has passed again. I have been thinking to write about other more jolly things, how I have been doing and working within the last two weeks, and also about Nárëlaimë's birthday party... but later this day, I have turned so... emo. Fuckin' emo. Actually, this feeling has started yesterday already. I was walking home in the evening, the streets were totally empty. There was this cold wind. My hair in the wind. The streetlights were casting my walking shadow. Later that night, I was writing one letter, slowly since I have been writing in Finnish, and the wind was getting stronger and stronger... howling in the darkness outside.

I knew well why the wind had been blowing. The weather has changed. Today, it has started to snow. It is still snowing. Wet snow. Heavy snow. I so like snow. I just love winter. But last week, the trees were already blooming; the spring has burst. Now, this sudden change. The trees have remained so white; yet there is now snow blooming heavily on their branches. So big snowflakes. During today's Nanbudo training, I happened to look out of the window. At some point I found myself staring into those big bits of the falling snow while I was thinking how much I prefer Kaiten Randori San No Kata rather than Randori San No Kata.

There was no proper snow during winter at all, but now... All city is as it would be melting slowly into this late snow. The city is loosing it's shape. Becoming one huge pile of faceless dampness... sneaking into my sweet black boots, pouring so cold down my neck.

Oh, the lights are twinkling. Snowy problems with the electricity; as in some distant Icelandic village. Or somewhere in the deep woods of Lapland. Well, I have already lightened my cinnamon-scented candle here besides the computer... and I think it is better to get back to my drowsy emo-mood before everything falls into this white darkness of the snow.

So, I wish you all lahko noč, sweet dreams and a bunch of good days.

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kaneli said...

I had watched the snow
all day. Falling. It never lets up. All day
falling. I lifted my voice and wept out loud,
"So this is life?".

My Dying Bride - The Snow in My Hands