Thursday, November 02, 2006


It seems I have chosen the gloomiest month of the year to be born in. November is wrapped gently in the smell of rotten leaves, burning candles, autumn flowers. Cemeteries. Bare trees, mists, quiet dark afternoons. Ghostly. Gothic. Oh, melancholy aplenty spreads before me! Anyway, Halloween has reached our country too. Again one of those imported holidays, yet I always like to be thaught about pagan roots of celebrations. Dear friend Ärväthyyll has written a post on Celtic Samhain (pronounced sowín or zowín); I do not want to copy her. So I will rather write on one event. As well as on skirts.

There was Samhain Feast in a bit underground-style club called Orto bar. Sorta cosy place with not too friendly staff, errr. But underground gigs do happen there. Rock, punk, metal. Just to mention, I prefer such small clubs rather than big halls, big crowds and all that. I also like to meet unknown alternative bands. This time we were promissed to get a portion of gothic. Since I missed Korpiklaani (oh) and Magyar Posse in Helsinki was actually the last gig I went to (thesis and trainigs), I was almost dying to get some proper live music. So I put on black nail polish, corset and long skirt (hehe), I joined my friends (thanks!) and went to check out two bands. Croatian Phantasmagoria and Macedonian Mizar. Yeah, former Yugoslavian gothic-metal-rock! While listening to Mizar, I have recalled how I have actually liked Macedonian ethno some time ago. It seems I still like it; Mizar has featured one great ethno-darkish piece.

PHANTASMAGORIA fit into gothic metal more. By the way, this Croatian band also performed on Wave-Gothic Treffen in Leipzig; Tenhi were there too. As I have heard during the gig, they play covers (or better, reinterpretations) and their own music. But their performance was what I liked most. Even more I liked the frontman's outfit. Frontman had corpse paint, great black coat and, finally, the guy was wearing a skirt, yeah! A skirt totally rules. I know, you can say to me - oh c'mon, so what, get some more life, go to a huge metal festival, see those serious outfits there and, let's say, Dimmu Borgir. Or similar famous band performing. Still I think it is nice to support bands as Phantasmagoria too, right?

Now from the very beginning of this post I feel like a teenager (with black nail polish) writing into her diary, but nevertheless (behold, here is the point)... in my opinion, guys in skirts look really sweet. Well, I have always thought this way.

For conclusion I can say I had sorta nice Samhain Feast with so far unknown bands. Quite good music, pretty good performance. Here, I also want to open little chat. So what do you think about guys in skirts? And if you happen to be a guy, would you dare to wear a skirt?


Banshee said...

Kocert je bil res fini, še posebno Phantasmagoria. Pa tudi imiđ (izgled) so imeli lepši. Kar se tiče pa tipčkov v kiklah pa, hm... Saj zna biti lepo, sploh če je kilt. Pa če je sicer dovolj možat je tudi v redu. Ne bi mi pa bil všeč, če bi ga zamenjala za žensko. :D

kaneli said...

Ja, kilt tudi ni slab, se strinjam. Pa da ne bi sedaj kakšne diskusije o škotskem spodnjem perilu... ;)

Banshee said...

Upam, da predvsem med zimo poskrbijo, da jih ne zebe v rito in v lulčka. ;D

kaneli said...


A gremo enkrat preverit, khm?

kaarlo-hermanni said...

You know I do, occasionally. But I don't concider it to be a proper skirt, this summer wrap thingie. Should I have a decent long black cloth skirt, would I wear it? Probably, occasionally.

Aelfsciene said...

Jaz OBOZUJEM moske v krilih. Ne le kiltih (ceprav je to tut fajn), ampak v pravih, crnih, mogoce oketnanih dolgih kiklah. Tudi, ce izgledajo popolnoma zensko (to je na nek nacin se plus).

Arrrrrrrrr, kje je kaksen? :D

kaneli said...

No oikein hyvä. And I dare to say that proper skirt would suit you very well too. :)

:D Saj se bo kakšen kje našel. Enkrat že. Mogoče v Wacknu? Pa zadnjič je bil spet Braveheart na TV. Tipčkov v kiltih kolikor hočeš... vsaj nekaj.