Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was away from Finland for 9 days - on holiday in Slovenia. While I was away, all the birches in front of my building had turned golden yellow. The birches, so typical Finnish trees, grow in the park here, and my balcony looks directly to the park; thus, I have a nice autumn view, especially if the day is sunny. Just too bad that the trees will soon be black and bare, all the leaves on the ground. However - Finnish ruska, the time of colored trees, is really beautiful. 

Otherwise I have brought some autumn flu from Slovenia with me, which is totally annoying. Not to mention that I am on sick leave right after I have returned from holiday... now how clumsy is that... 


Mamy said...

Kaneli, če prav razumem, je "Ruska" finska beseda za jesen?
Upam, da si sedaj že v polni formi.

kaneli said...

Jesen je "syksy" - ruska je prav cas, ko je na drevesih obarvano listje. Moj slovar dejansko prevede besedo kot "autumn colors".

In ja, hvala - viroza je takrat na sreco minila v enem tednu. :)

Mamy said...

Hvala; zanimivo, da mi izraza za točno to obdobje nimamo.
Upam, da se te bo viroza v prihodnje izogibala v velikem loku.