Sunday, August 23, 2009


I haven't written a thing for a long time; probably because I was busy and probably because I didn't feel like writing. The last feels like a problem as there are things I should be writing... nevertheless, so far, my summer was more or less active. OK, I actually should be traveling a bit more, and that buggs me, but... let me just summ up the story so far.

1. Summer festivals in Finland, 4 in total. Worked at Provinssirock (Seinäjoki), Nummirock (Nummijärvi) and Ilosaarirock (Joensuu). Visited Tuska (Helsinki).

2. Working at the festivals in Finland as security steward (järjestyksenvalvoja) was an interesting experience. First of all, I was working in Finnish, and only in Finnish; second, I got some money. Things seemed well organised. The job felt good, regardless a lot of working hours and sometimes only 4 hours of sleep. And yes, the job surely did increase my self-confidence.

3. I had some good time in summer Helsinki again, first at Tuska and then also during a private visit. As it is summer, the city was full of tourists again, sunny and surprisingly hot. Also the airport was crowded, and I surely don't like crowded airports. Next time I'll fly home during less busy season; it's much nicer.

4. I am turning into a serious fan of Battlestar Galactica.

5. Now I'm again confronted with some emotional emptiness and some depression, which keeps my creativity away. I'm kind of loosing time, and I know it, but for some reasons I'm just stuck in the space. I really hate such unsure situations. I hate to make wrong decisions. And I feel exhausted for no proper reason.

6. So I just hope for a nice and active autumn.

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